Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mother Nature

Here in Oklahoma we are always at the mercy of Mother Nature. If it isn't tornados it's 70 degrees in the morning and freezing rain that night.
I like change so it usually doesn't bother me...until Mother Nature lays a sheet of ice on us! I HATE Oklahoma winters. We don't get the pretty fluffy snow that Colorado or Utah gets. Here in Oklahoma winter consists of subzeor temperatures that come sweeping down the plains or a blanket of ice that wipes out power for thousands. That's exactly what we are dealing with right now. Both at the same time.
We are one of the thousands without power. Since Tuesday at 2pm. I was actually heat embossing a piece of chipboard for my February Technique Tuesday class and well it just stopped. I was praying "come back on come back on." Nope. My prayers weren't answered. Luckily Eric bought a generator a couple of years ago and my dad brought it up 2 weeks ago.
That's how I am blogging right now. We have tv, internet, fridge, freezer, and ice maker. We are lucky that we have a gas fireplace, stove, and hot water heater. So I guess we aren't TOO bad off. My gosh, though, you don't realize how often you use the garbage disposal or washer/dryer until you are without! I can't complain yet, though. 8 years ago we were out for 15 days. Now THAT was bad.
Our electric company currently has over 7,200 customers without power right now and everyone should be restored by Tuesday night. Great. Looks like I'll be headed to the laundry mat!
As I am sitting here typing it sounds like a war zone out there. The ice is slowly melting since the temperature has climbed to 32 degrees. Ice is sliding off my roof and falling. You can hear whole trees crashing and huge limbs. The road that runs in front of our house that leads to the highway is totally blocked off by trees one way. The other way was about 85% blocked as of yesterday. Eric did make it to work, though!
Brodey is loving it. We have been camping out in the living room floor on a king size blow up mattress. We have the rest of the house blocked off. It has to be at least low 40's in my bedroom/bathroom!
Well I'm going to go warm up some lunch! The microwave pulls to much juice to hook up to the generator so it's stove time! I LOVE gas! I will never live without it! Especially in Oklahoma! ;)
Stay warm!


Lisa said...

Sorry to hear you are still without power April. Good thing you have a generator! The other good news is that it is supposed to get up in the 60's on Saturday. I can't wait for spring!
Stay warm for now!

The Christenson's said...

Do you have power back yet??? I hope so! One of the things this house does not have is a garbage disposal and I miss having one EVERY day. I hope you got power back quickly. Thank God for a generator!!

Venus said...

Hi there! I added you to my blog log- I hope that is okay :) Venus