Thursday, August 13, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad!!!!

I LOVE my Dad. Sometimes I think I am the luckiest daughter on Earth! I have the best Dad ever! I tell him that all the time, but I don't think he takes me seriously. Well Dad I am SERIOUS! You are the best Dad ever!!
I did a layout about him a couple of years ago. I love it. I think I might frame it and give it to him. If you click on it you can read the journaling. I just love all the old photos!!

My Dad was actually born on Friday the 13! LOL I think that's why that date never bothered me! ;)
I had a first today on my Dad's birthday! I just happened to go to the Creating Keepsakes website and scroll down and there is Brodey and I smiling back at me! I was like wow! That's cool! It's from my Faux Quilting Technique from the September issue. Fun!!
Okay I am wiped out. I survived an evening in Tulsa with Eric. It's so painful to shop with him. Making a decision about shoes for him is like choosing who you are going to marry. Okay so maybe he didn't have such a hard time with that decision...hehe! He did reward me with Ted's and an ice cold Modelo for my efforts. So I guess it was worth it!
I'm off to bed! Happy Birthday Dad! I LOVE ya!


Trisha said...

Look at your daddy! He's a hottie!

Anonymous said...

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