Monday, August 24, 2009

I have a child in school! Oh my!

It's really weird to say that!! Brodey started school last week! It was a total surprise! One of the doctors that Eric works with told Eric that where his kid goes to school had one opening. So Eric called me last Tuesday and said CALL NOW! So I did and we started that next day!
When I got off the phone I said "well Bro you start school tomorrow!"
He said "But I don't know my ABCDEFG's!!!"
I laughed and told him not to worry! That was why you go to school!
So that night I freaked out a little bit. I'm glad I didn't have weeks or days to think about it! LOL That night I go into Bro's room and Eric has clothes all laid out for him! I was like no way! If I have to take him I get to pick out what he is wearing!
After we picked out clothes it took forever to get him to sleep. I was so worried he wouldn't get up. Brodey likes to sleep. It's really difficult to wake him up in the morning, but all I had to say to wake him was "are you ready to go to school?" He shot up out of bed at that!
He goes to a Methodist preschool in Tahlequah so it takes us about 15 minutes to get there. Once we did he put on his shy guy show. He held onto my leg and buried his face in until he saw Kale. (his daddy is the one that told us about it) He has played with Kale before so it was nice for him to know someone. Kale was actually born 6 days before Brodey! Weird!

So once he sat down at the table and found out he got to use scissors he was hooked! I snapped a quick pic before I left! He didn't even know! Yeah!!
When I came back to pick him up his teachers said he did awesome! I was worried because this was only his third time staying somewhere with people he didn't know. I was so relieved he did so well! He actually didn't want to leave! I had to convince him to get in the car!
He painted me a picture (which looks so cute framed in his room) and he made new friends! He had a blast and he talks about it all the time! It's only for 3 hours and only 2 days a week for now, but he loves it so I love it too!!
Well I'm going to go figure out whose little dogs are in my yard!
Have a good day!

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Kim said...

Yea for both of you guys. Especially since he loves it! It will give you a few hours twice a week to do April-things. It's hard to accept that our little ones are growing up. Before we know it, it will be all-day kindergarten. Then we'll both be crying! : )