Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The time has come....

My wittle baby starts all day big kid pre-k bright and early tomorrow morning!
Am I ready? Heck yes!
Is he ready? Heck yes! ;)
He just came in and asked me (at 5:39pm) if he could take a shower and go to bed now please? Yes I'm pretty sure he's ready.
We got to go last night and meet his teacher and check out the school. His classroom is so cute. He met a few of his classmates and they seem great. He was actually a little bigger than them which is surprising to me. (You have to know he weighed 4lb 4oz when he was born so he has always been a little small.) He must be growing finally! Before we went I put on a pair of 4t shorts that fit him just fine at the beginning of summer and they were a little snug! The boy doesn't eat anything so I have no idea how ge grows!
I am pretty excited that they get to eat breakfast at school there. Maybe he will actually eat breakfast. Usually he won't eat anything until about 11am so this will be great for him!
His teacher seems so nice! I am so glad because I really appreciate teachers! They are with our kids for more hours during the day than we are! Brodey's judgement of her was "she's pretty and she smells nice." Gotta love him.

It's been a chore trying to find school supplies. It took two Wal-Mart attempts to purchase all of the stuff he needs to go. It looks more like he's about to take off for summer camp! It was a treasure hunt trying to find glue and crayons at Wal-Mart! Nevermind just trying to get down the aisle! Insane!
I asked Brodey today what in the world I am supposed to do while he is at school all day!?!
He said "well you can run like you like to run, swim in the pool, sweep the house, and play da wii."
Hahahaha I said "well soon it will be too cold to swim in the pool. What do I do then?"
"I don't know sit here and wait for me."
Ha! I'm not sure about the running in 100 degree weather right now. I might swim in the pool. I will probably sweep and play the wii, but I have some other stuff up my sleeve too.
I'll probably update the blog more, clean more, and I'm thinking about teaching online scrapbook classes. I'm trying to figure that out. Let me know if you would be interested in taking them or have some suggestions! :)
Well I better go and cook some dinner! The chicken in the crockpot smells SO good! Maybe I'll share that recipe on the blog!
I think I'm gonna like this all day school thing! ;)
Have a good night!


Lisa said...

Are you really ready for him to go? You didn't seem so sure the day I saw you both ;)
I'd definitely be interested in online classes - or even better - in person classes! Tulsa's a drive for you but it would be fun!

The Christenson's said...

Thinking of you this morning as today is the BIG DAY! Hope everything goes great for Bro. He's a big boy now!!