Sunday, December 12, 2010

The Countdown Begins...

Well Christmas is right around the corner! It's hard for me to believe! We have the bulk of our gifts bought. There are only a couple that we need to figure out. That is REALLY good for us! I'm pretty surprised really! Usually we are last minute shoppers but it feels good to have most of it done a little early! ;)
If you know me you know that I LOVE magazines. I blame it on my grandpa who used to order me subscriptions while trying to win millions through Publisher's Clearinghouse. Do they still even do that? He used to get me kid magazines like Disney or when I got older Seventeen magazine. It was like Christmas every time one came in the mail!
Now I love Paula Deen, InStyle, People, Rachel Ray and a ton of others! One of the things I love about them is that they usually have little sections where they show cool gift ideas. I LOVE these! That's where I found several of the cool gifts below!

Wouldn't you LOVE to drink out of THAT!?!?! I love it! They have all of the states and they even have countries and holiday versions!
This one is a dish towel that I want! The holiday ones are SUPER cute! I saw these in Paula Deen and had to share! They even have t-shirts, totes, aprons, and pillows, but the pillows are a little too pricey for me! ;) The glasses and towels are reasonable, though! The site is Cat Studio. Visit it! It's pretty cool!

Okay so you all know I LOVE me some stamps! But come on! Who wouldn't love a personalized stamp!?!?!
The stamp above is from Modern Art Stamps. They have several cute faces to choose from. This one just happened to have my name under it! Haha! I'm going to order Brodey one after Christmas!

OR if you have someone to buy for that moved into a new house this year or got married Stampin Up sells super cute personalized address stamps! These are just a couple of designs. If you have a catalog they are on page 145. If you are interested let me know! You need to order ASAP to have them by Christmas!
So I'm pretty sure most peeps around here make the trek to War Eagle Mill every fall to their awesome crafts festival. I have only gone once (I didn't get to go this year boohoo) but I LOVED it. They make my all time favorite hot sauce and salad dressings, but they also make a TON of other stuff.
I actually order my hot sauce and salad dressing from them when I run out and their shipping is fantastic. Everything is packed up so well that the UPS man would have to run over it to damage it.
The gift above is their super cute Smidgen, Dash, and Pinch measuring set. It's only $3.00 so it would be perfect with the biscuit cutters below.
I really want these! They are true biscuit cutters! Supposedly your biscuits will rise better because of the clean edge these give. I'm ordering these for myself with my next order! ;)
It's so fun to go to War Eagle! You can go into the mill and actually see them milling the grains and they will tell you about everything. So much fun! I hope I get to go back next year!

Okay so it's kind of terrible that I show you this last one since it's too late to order for delivery by Christmas. BUT if you happen to get an iPhone for Christmas or need to treat yourself you have to check out this website. Heck you can probably even get someone a gift card to it!
I LOVE it. I could probably order one of just about everything on there. They have it all. It's called Monogram Lane and if you have a wedding or a birthday soon they have beautiful gifts.
Okay so that's all the fun gifts I'm sharing for today! Isn't Christmas fun!?! It's almost worth this nasty cold and windy weather!
Well I'm outta here! I'm off to figure out dinner!
I hope you had a wonderful weekend! Back to reality tomorrow!

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