Friday, January 07, 2011

Sorry Bro

Dear Bro,
I'm sorry that you were born in January. I know that you would love to have an outside party, but it isn't going to happen. It looks like it will be another indoor pool party this year. Thank goodness for indoor pools!
Love, Your Mother

Well I'm back from my self-imposed blog hiatus. The holidays got a wittle bit crazy. Everyone got sick at least once, I was sick twice and Enstrom's almond toffee took chocolate chip cookie's place as my sworn enemy.
I just have to say THANK YOU to everyone that sent us a Christmas card! That is one of my favorite things about Christmas. That's why it's so pathetic I never get mine sent out. So please don't feel like you were forgotten. ;)
Brodey had a great Christmas. Every year is more fun than the last. He asks more questions and "gets it" now. He even made it a habit to sing Happy Birhday to Jesus about every 5 minutes. So cute!
We didn't get to party for New Year's. Eric crashed out early and Brodey and I stayed up playing Kirby's Epic Yarn until midnight. Not sure he understood why we were celebrating, but I DID get a kiss!
Brodey's 5th birthday is Wednesday. Yes I said FIFTH. I got all sad about it today. Eric put it in perspective for me. "Your little boy is growing up, April. That's what happens once they start school. Next he will be going to college and we will be old." Gee thanks, Eric. You sure know how to lift my spirits.
So I guess it will be another indoor pool party unless I can come up with a better idea.
So I was sitting here and Bro comes in here and gets in my lap.
"Joe has a girlfriend. Hehehe"
"Oh really!"
"Yes he got her lipstick. Hehehe"
"Hahaha what!?!"
"Yes he took his sister's lipstick and he had it in his pocket at school. Hehehe"
"Oh my did it melt?"
"No! He gave it to his girlfriend when we were at PE."
"Haha who's his girlfriend?"
"Well I don't know! Some girl in Mrs Key's class!"
"Do YOU have a girlfriend?"
"Hehehe NO!"
"If you had a girlfriend what would you get her?"
"I wouldn't give her someone else's lipstick...I'd give her flowers!"
Oh geez!!! He starts college next week.
Have a fantastic Friday!

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