Sunday, July 20, 2008

Silly Kitty!

That is Brodey's new "best friend." Hehe! This has to be the sweetest kitty every and the silliest! She sleeps in the oddest places! This is the only photo I've been able to capture so far. I didn't even get her sleeping because she heard me. She was actually sleeping in my window basket. I looked out to check on her and there she was. I had to take a pic! She also loves to sleep in the empty hanging basket I have in the shelf on the back porch, under the wicker side table, and on Bro's swingset. She is so funny and Brodey loves her to death.
She was a stray that showed up at Meme and Doc's house. They couldn't keep her because they said they are too old to be tripping over a little kitty. So they sent her to Brodey! He couldn't love her any more!
I actually think the other kitty is starting to like her. They didn't get along at first, but she's warming up to her.

This kitty cat was born here and when we moved here Ashley ,the previous owner, took her to the people down the rode. Ashely said she cried when she took her because she had lived here all her life. :( When she told me that I said "oh she'll come back." And she did! I'm so glad! She is such a good kitty!
Well Eric is due back some time this afternoon. His fishing trip went well. I decided to stay here instead of go to Holdenville. I'm glad because I have actually gotten stuff done! No layouts...but Bro has to go to sleep some time! Hahaha!
Have an awesome Sunday!