Sunday, April 29, 2007

It happens to us...

If something doesn't normally happen, it will happen to us! I always know it when I hear the words "well the odds are it won't happen." Well I guess we are the evens because Brodey got chicken pox from his vaccination! In the doc's office he says "well the odds are it won't happen. I've only seen five cases since I've been here." I said to him "well I can assure you if the odds are it won't happen, it will. So I'll just expect that Brodey will have the chicken pox!" I actually reminded him of that yesterday on the phone! LOL It's just a slight case. He only has about 15 on him, but I can't take him around any other kids. So sad because yesterday was his very first birthday party! I was so excited to take him and it just couldn't happen! Ah well! It won't be the last birthday party I'm sure!

Oh! I am so excited! One Page at a Time has asked me to extend my deadline with them and be on their design team another term! SO very excited about that! The are THE best company to work for! As a matter of fact! They are looking for 4 new design team members!!! Go HERE if you are interested in designing for an awesome company with even more awesome kits!!!

The May kit is up a Addicted Scrappers!!! Let me tell you!!!! IT ROCKS! I have never used the Hambly Screenprints/rub-ons before and I'm so excited to use them!!

I took my sister's senior pics this week. I posted one above. So sad she is graduating! I don't know what I'm going to do with myself when she isn't here! Boohoo!!!

My MIL came this weekend and (as usual) I tried to stay home and scrap and it didn't work! I have to be out of this house or here by myself to get anything done!

Well I'm going to go feed my son breakfast! I'm going to attempt to get a page done today! Haha! We'll see!
Have an awesome Sunday!

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