Wednesday, April 04, 2007

I'm back!

Hey all! Sorry I took such a long vacation from my little blog! I've been busy!

Ally's had a ton of senior crap going on. It's so sad. She keeps saying that she is going to be so sad when she moves out and will miss Brodey so much! I'm like I will miss YOU!!! It will stink to not have anyone to go tan with. Go to the mall with. Go to Target with. So sad!!!

Besides my sister graduating I have two first cousins who are also graduating. One lives in Noble, OK and the other goes to Heritage Hall in Oklahoma City. Busy busy.

Brodey took his Easter pics today! So cute! He took some with the live bunnies. He have it a little pet, a little squeeze, and a little kiss and he was over it. He didnt' want to have anything to do with it after that! LOL I thought he would be more into it but nope!

We are headed to Holdenville this weekend for Easter! I have been practicing with Brodey hunting Easter eggs! He is getting pretty good! He is the youngest by four years so I have to have him prepared! LOL I can't wait to see my family! We always have an awesome time! I'm just sad when they go! Boohoo!

Well this was a short entry! Brodey's bedtime! Hopefully I will be able to update more tomorrow!!!
Nice to be back on here!

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