Friday, April 06, 2007

What the snow?

Yes. It is snowing. Oklahoma is wonderful like that. LOL Last week was so hot it was shorts and flip flops. This week it's sweatshirts and gloves. CRAZY! But I gotta admit I love it! Mother Nature loves to mix things up a bit for us Okies!

I guess that means Brodey will be dressed for winter. I have what he is going to wear planned and it does look a little springy...even thought it's thick pants and a sweater! Hehe! I have been tanning and I have to admit I'm disappointed that I will not be able to show it off and wear a skirt like I had planned! Ah well!

I made out hats yesterday! At Easter this year we are having a hat contest. I made myself one and Brodey one! That's why there is a photo of my hat in my blog entry! LOL It was a ton of fun!

MIL is coming tonight! Maybe I'll get some scrapping done and get to alter a huge "B" I bought today at Just 4 Keeps! I also teach a Techinque Tuesday class tomorrow! It will be fun! As soon as I'm done with that, though, it's off to Holdenville!

Brodey is asleep and I'm going to attempt to put him in bed so I can get a start on my scrappin! I may not be able to update once I get to Holdenville so if I dont' post have a wonderful Easter!

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