Thursday, April 19, 2007

I've been gone...

I've been gone! It's so good to be back! I might actually get some scrapping done this weekend! Yippee!

Brodey has never been REALLY sick before in his short little life. Never. He has never thrown up or had diarreha once. Let me tell you he made up for it this last week! LOL Last Thursday he had his 15 month doctor's visit. Everything went fine. He was pretty ticked off that he had to get two shots and they pricked his finger, but other than that he was acting normal! I had driven a Mercedes to test drive to the doctor's office and he fell asleep on the way back to the dealership to return the vehicle. Not five minutes after we got back into my vehicle, Brodey pukes ALL OVER the place. I mean ALL OVER. I had to pull off the interstate and the poor thing was so scrared! This was the very first time he had thrown up and it scrared him! I felt SO BAD! I get him cleaned up and changed into some other clothes and he does it AGAIN on the way home! I am freaking out calling the doctor's office! The only thing that's going through my head is he is having some freak reaction to his shots! (Probably not even possible but if you are a mom you get it!) I was FREAKING! The nurse reassures me that it is probably just a virus that's been going around. I'm like fine.
We finally get home and I get him changed and he starts throwing up all over again. Oh and all over me. I'm the mom that doesn't really care. I'm like okay I'm already covered in puke. Go ahead and finish on me. So this goes on several more times and I called the nurse again. She tells me what to do to help him not get dehydrated and gives me the on call doctor's numbers and all that.
LUCKILY he only threw up a few more times and he had potty issues the rest of the weekend. I felt SO bad for him! He was sick until Monday when he threw up again. I called and told them I wanted to bring him in and they checked his blood and confirmed that he had a virus like the nurse said. Thank goodness! He is SO much better now! He only lost 2oz and he looks normal now! He looked so sad all weekend! It's nice to have my ball of energy back! LOL

I haven't had time to scrap at all. (Oh poor me right? Haha!) MIL is coming tomorrow! THANK GOODNESS! I need a break! I plan on scrapping all weekend if I can! Eric has been obsessed with finding the perfect new car lately and it's been time-consuming! I think we have it narrowed down to two now! So hopefully we will have a new car within the next couple of days! Phew!

Oh yeah! I got my scanner fixed! FINALLY! The sad thing is I haven't had the time to scan anything in! LOL I think that will all change now that Brodey is better!

Okay. I gotta go! Brodey isn't wanting to sleep in his bed so that means the end of my computer time! Boohoo! Hopefully my next post will contain some scrappy pages! The photo in this post is of my sister before prom! So purdy!

Goodnight for now!

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