Sunday, August 17, 2008

This is why...

Okay bloggers. This is why you should post every day. I just read my last post which was on Friday. I said I had a crazy day. I have no idea what happened on Friday. I wish I could remember. Maybe it will come back to me, but right now I'm drawing a blank. So THAT'S why you (and me) should post every day!
I had a BLAST teaching on Saturday. I always do! The peeps that take my class are always awesome! I would teach every day if I could!
Eric was SUPPOSED to go with me on Saturay so we could look at or possible get me a car. Nope. Didn't happen. He said he wanted to sleep in. Okay. He called me at 9:45 to ask if the Count Chocula was good.
I'm like "I thought you were sleeping in."
He says "well I did."
"Usually sleeping in to you is after the clock gets to double digits. You should have gotten your butt up and come with me."
He says "yeah I know."
SO frustrating. There goes another weekend where we got nothing done on the vehicle situation. Whatever.
Which reminds me of Brodey's new word. Whatever. He does a little hand flip with it too. I guess I say that too much. LOL
I got so homesick Saturday. I went to some of my old haunts. I stopped by Hobby Lobby, Barnes and Noble, and Quail Springs Mall. So depressing. If you live in Edmond PLEASE appreciate where you live! I miss it SO much. I think I got depressed because it felt like being back at home. Tahlequah doesn't feel like home yet. It's hard to describe. I'm feeling better now. The homesickness will improve with time.
Madyson, my sister-in-law, moved into her dorm room this weekend. She starts NSU tomorrow. She was so nervous. Her roomate seemed so nice, though. She's lucky. My roomate at OU was a PSYCHO. Okay maybe she wasn't crazy...okay maybe she was a little. LOL I guess that's the risk you take when you go pot luck on the roomate situation! She's only 10 miles away from us if things get crazy!
My computer is going SO SLOW so it won't let me upload the pics I want to. We need a new one so badly. We bought this one in 2003, but in computer years it's ancient. We are getting a new one soon. We found one we want at Best Buy, but it takes about 3 more trips for Eric to actually buy it. It's true. Sad, but true.
Well he's actually due back from Holdenville any minute so I better get get off here. I'll post the pics tomorrow!
Have a good night!


The Christenson's said...

I understand April! I am really liking it here, but when we drive back into the Dallas area, I get sad b/c it still feels very much like home. It will get better for us both, right? I am about to make the drive to the "city"- Texarkana. Tonight, because I need to go to Target!! UGH!!

The Christenson's said...

Hey, check your email...I emailed you a very important question...