Wednesday, October 13, 2010

BAD Amoxicillan...BAD!!

Well I was so thankful today when Dr Cole told me that he did NOT have the chicken pox that I cried. Literally.
All I could think was that these nasty red things all over my poor kid will not be turning into scabs and scars. SO thankful. I was really freaking out. He was itching in his ears, his eyes and his mouth. I was thinking good grief how are we going to do this for 7 to 10 days?!?!

Apparantly he has an allergy to Amoxicillan. He has taken it before and last night was his last dose, but the doc said it can happen to anyone any time they take a medication. Brodey asked "why am I itching so bad mom?"
I said "Well Bro your body just didn't like those antibiotics you were taking."
"Oh the bubble gum one? That's too bad because I liked that one!"
Stinks cause that's the one that tastes the best!
Eric is allergic to penicillan. I haven't found anything I'm allergic to. For a long time I thought I had a nut allergy. I would get crazy hives and the allergy specialist said it was stress or just in my head. Who knows. I haven't had them in a while...thank goodness...but I totally understand how Brodey feels. It's happened to me about 5 times.
He gave him a steroid and said to keep out of the sun and no school the rest of the week. Brodey has done okay with understanding why he can't go to the zoo. He's bummed, of course, but understands why.
So everyone is talking about the big earthquake around OKC. Does anyone else remember when this happened in 1998? I was actually taking Earthquakes and Volcanos at OU and we had an earthquake around Norman. It was crazy because I was home alone at my parents when it happened and ran outside. It freaked me out! I had no idea what it was! It must have been a big one (I can't remember exactly how big) because my parents live 80 miles from Norman!
Did it happen early this morning? I ask because Brodey woke up at 6 and we went to the couch. Around 8 or so the decor on top of my tv cabinet shook and I thought it was Eric walking around. (Our house has a crawl space and you can hear when people walk around) He was in the shower so it wasn't him. I thought it was the huge helicopters that fly over frequently but didn't see any when I looked outside. That would be crazy if it was from the earthquake. We are over 2 hours away from Norman!
Well I'm going to let Bro soak in the tub for a bit. That Aveeno Oatmeal Bath really helps!
Poor kid. Doesn't he look terrible! Makes me itch just looking at him!
Have a great Wednesday!

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PaperFairyKris said...

Poor Brodey! I saw your pic on facebook and I was trying to read backward to see what happened. I used to get hives all the time when I was little after having been really sick with a high fever or vomiting. Keep an eye on him and make sure it's not a food allergy. Poor little guy! That Aveeno oatmeal bath used to help me too!