Friday, June 26, 2009


Okay so if I had to write about everything that happened in Mexico....well it would have to be it's own website and it would have to be censored!! So I'll just summarize...
- Made it to the airport to depart with seconds to spare. The lady next to us with a different flight at the same time didn't make it.
- Frolicking on the beach
- Entertainment Staff = Bryan Tapley
- Mr White Body = Mitch
- Sport's Bar (or Sport's Bra if you have been taking advantage of the free drinks)
- Eric's $40 wreck with the taxi in the dune buggy
- Pirate Ship. Jason's Rope Swing. Natalie and Bryan's 11 second win (which is video'd by the way)
- Oklahomans EVERYWHERE (we really like Mexico)
- Late night infinity pool over the securty chain
- Disco Night
- Rasta Bar and Chi Chi beach photo
- "You are from Oklahoma? Oh you say YEE HA!"
- Plantino's
- Carlos and Charlie's....where it all began
- Where are YOUR kids??? At their grandmother's? EXACTLY!!!!!!!
Oh my gosh! Too much to remember! Feel free to add girls!
That had to be the best trip ever. We should all start deciding where to go next year!


Lisa said...

Just looked at your pictures on Facebook ~ wow! I'm envious but happy for you that you had a fabulos time! Where did you guys stay? Would you recommend it?

The Christenson's said...

Aw, what a fabulous trip!! I loved every second of it. That's a good run-down of the trip I think. Carlos and Charlies...where it all began! HA!