Thursday, June 11, 2009

Girls have shiny lips...

So I tell Brodey that soon he will go to school and there will be cute girls there and maybe he will find a girlfriend.
"I don't want a girlfriend."
"Oh really? Why?"
"Because girls are hairy."
Of course I am laughing my butt off. "I'm not hairy!! Besides, boys are hairy too!"
"Well girls have shiny lips."
"Oh well okay then." That makes TOTAL sense! ;)

We leave next week for our big Mexico trip! So excited! I've been cleaning my house like crazy. I can't stand to leave with it messy.
I have no idea what clothes I'm going to take. I have to go to the mall this weekend. We have to go to Tulsa anyway to have our dive gear serviced. Hopefully I will find a cute bathing suit and some cute dresses!
Okay well I'm off to cook some dinner! Totally healthy chicken fried chicken. HAhaha!!! That's usually what's for dinner when I want to wait one more day before heading to the grocery store!

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