Friday, June 12, 2009

Welcome Weekend

Woohoo! Don't you love Friday? Friday was always my favorite day of the week. You have the whole weekend to look forward to. Nothing is rushed. You know you don't have to get up in the morning! I love it!
We will probably have a pretty busy weekend! I'm bummed we don't get to go to the lake, but we have a good reason. We have to take our dive gear to Tulsa to get serviced. We leave for Mexico a week from today. I also have to attempt to find a bathing suit and some cute dresses to take!
It's always so difficult for me to find a bathing suit. I always envy the girls with smaller chests because they get to go buy the cute(and cheap) little string biknis! I have to find the more sporty tops that will keep the girls secure...if you know what I mean! ;) Oh well! Let the search begin!
Also Sunday is our 7 year anniversary! I'm not expecting anything. We don't usually spend a ton of money on each other on holidays. I'm trying to think of a little something to get him, but he is THE hardest person to buy for. You can ask anyone that has to buy him anything and they will totally agree! I'm going to try to be sneaky when we go to Tulsa so that maybe I can buy him something behind his back. We'll see if that works!
We got lucky this morning with the weather. It was a pretty severe storm that came through and the tornados went north. Not lucky for the people that live up there, but lucky for me! It cooled it off quite a bit, but the temp is slowly creeping back up there!
So Eric and I have been hiding toothpaste back and forth. I know we are weird. I had been begging him to bring home "some of that good toothpaste" from the office forever. I can't remember what it's called. So finally he does and he decides he wants to use it all himself and he doesn't like the other toothpaste I got from Wal-Mart. So the other day I go to brush my teeth and in the new toothpaste's place is the old one! I'm like WHAT!?! So I am searching around and finally find it hidden behind his beard trimmer. Oh okay so you want to play THAT game? After I use it I take the new one, hide it GOOD, and put the old one where he had hidden the new one. Hehe.
That night we both happen to be in the bathroom when we he goes to brush his teeth. I'm watching him out of the corner of my eye and I see him trying to be sneaky and go for the new toothpaste behind the trimmer. OMG I could barely contain myself. I'm trying so hard to compress my giggles and when he finally realizes what I have done I lose it! I'm like "HA! You thought you would hide the new toothpaste that I asked you to bring home!!!"
"Well ya! I like that one and you don't care to use the new one!"
I'm like "Oh okay. So you want to play that game?"
He says "Ya I'm gonna hide it where you can't find it!"
So Eric has declared war! It will be fun to see where this game goes! He stinks at hiding stuff. I am guessing he will get mad when I hide it so good he can't find it and call a truce! Hahahahaha!!! Fun!
Well I better go continue on my cleaning spree and find a good hiding place for today! ;)
Have a fab weekend!

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Venus said...

How fun! Cozumel has some fantastic spots for scuba diving! You guys have so much fun!