Thursday, March 08, 2007

Four days!?!

WOW! I haven't posted in four days! Bad April! Bad!
Wow I've been working like a maniac Monday and Tuesday to get my FINAL Just 4 Keeps Last Scrapper Standing project done! We had to do a mini album for our children giving them life lessons. Man that was difficult! If you go HERE you can see all the entries, including mine. Hint mine's the one with Brodey in it! LOL It was fun to do but very time consuming!

I've also been pricing Brodey's clothes for the consignment sale tomorrow! I usually make a good amount of money and I have a ton of clothes from last summer to sell! Some even still have the tags on them! (He was too small to wear them) That is so very time consuming! You have to tag each one with a safety pin! Urg! Ah well it's worth it!

I posted the other two layouts I did last weekend! I really hope I get to crop again Saturday!!! 99.99% sure I'll get to! Yippeee!

Okay. No more news than that! Pretty boring! LOL
I'm headed to bed!!

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