Tuesday, March 20, 2007


WOW!!! My friend that works at Just 4 Keeps sent me an IM this afternoon letting me know that the new Scenic Route goodies were there today! When I was about to leave the lawn srpay guy came. I was like okay here's the check GOTTA GO! LOL I bought every single thing that came in! I LOVE IT! The layout I posted above I did as soon as Eric got home from work! Haha! He (thankfully) took Brodey with him to look at gym equipment with Dr J and to get dinner. I am so happy with how this layout turned out! I can't wait to show it to Ally! She is in Holdenville right now on Spring Break.

Brodey slept from 11am to 2:45pm today. He has had the worst allergies. He and Eric played outside with the neighbors and when he came in his poor little eyes were all swollen and he had the little red bumps on his face. :(

I bought Brodey THE cutest Easter basket at Hobby Lobby! They were on sale and he picked out the one that is a frog! SO cute! He is really into little cars like Hot Wheels and his Little People animals. He cracks me up because he always wants to draw and when he does he gets really close to the page like I do when I scrap! Eric's like "you're a bad influence!" I just LOL!

Okay well that's all the news for today! Not much going on! Maybe that's a good thing...hahaha!
I'm going to try to put Brodey in his bed and get another layout done! HOPEFULLY!

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Sus said...

love this layout and she is so gorgeous!!