Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Good times. Bad times.

Well I feel bad saying it but I had a great time today under not so great circumstances. My grandpa(my dad's dad) had surgery today. Pretty major surgery. He had bone spurs that were putting pressure on his spinal cord on the front and his muscles had (literally) grown into his spine in the back. The surgeon said it was the worst spurs he had ever seen and he had never seen muscles do that before. He was in surgery from about 2pm to 8:30pm. That's a long dang time. We sat in the waiting room pretty much the entire time. I have to say it was great. Aside from worrying about him. Lots of family was there and they were entertained by Brodey. We laughed, joked, and talked about memories. It was so fun. He is fine tonight. He will have to do some physical therapy, but he will be fine. So glad.

I am loving the new Scenic Route papers! I had an idea in my head for a layout last night. Brodey wouldn't stay in his bed so I edited the photos with him on the Boppy. I printed them and put the layout together this morning. I love it. It may not be the best layout I've done, but I love the journaling! I posted it above!

Brodey is starting to say "Gigi". That's our black Cocker Spaniel's name. It's so cute! We go out to throw the ball to them and he will say GIGI!!! Oh he is so much fun! LOL

Not much else to report! We should sleep well tonight! ;) I might try to put Brodey in his bed and get some scrapping done but I won't get my hopes up! LOL


sus said...

he is such a ham! I am so glad the surgery went well and you had a good time visiting there is nothing better than catching up!

Jaci said...

April, I love this design! The arrows are FAB and what a doll!!

Glad to hear your grandpa is doing OK. Wishing him a quick recovery!