Saturday, March 03, 2007

Nothing to lose!

OH! You are gonna love this! Click HERE to check out this AWESOME prize package for the How Do You Count Yourself Lucky Contest at One Page at a Time! That is awesome! One Page at a Time is KNOWN for their fab prize packs! The deadline is March 17 and you can submit 2 layouts of your choice!! GO FOR IT!!! You have nothing to lose and a whole lotta awesome stuff to gain!

ALSO! Addicted Scrappers is holding it's first ever Guest Design Team Member Contest!!! Click HERE for all the info! Their kits ROCK!!! Trust me, you want a free one! The deadline is March 14 and if you click HERE you will see the challenge info! FUN STUFF! I reall hope to see your layout in the gallery!!

My parents came tonight! Yeah! We went to eat at Bravo and it was so good! I will have an awesome couple of food nights! Hehe! My MIL is coming tomorrow to stay the night! Woopee! I get to go crop at Just 4 Keeps on Sunday and I CANNOT wait! It's a crop for the Design Team and they are the most awesome group of girls ever! LOVE THEM!!!!! It will be a blast!

OMG Brodey cracked me up yesterday! I am LOL just thinking about it! He found a sucker and took off out of the office. After a second I went looking for him and guess where he was. He was in his closet HIDING trying to suck on the sucker. WHAT!?! He's not even 14 months old! I thought I didn't have to worry about "Sneaky Brodey" until he was at least two! AH! So I said Brodey! He turned around and handed the sucker to me while he giggled his "I'm Caught" giggle. I unwrapped it and gave it to him. I just couldn't believe he did that! TOO FUNNY!

He's also in the picky eater stage. I swear the kid will have clogged arteries by the time he's three. He will only eat french fries, chicken nuggets, mashed potatos, hot dog weinies, ANY type of cheese, and oreos. How can anyone live on that??? My pediatrician was like "kids his age are very good at eating the caloric intake they require." So I called my cousin, Kerry, and asked her. She's not a pediatrician, but she does have kids. She said her's were the same way and that made me feel much better. Her kids are 10 and 5 and haven't had bypass surgery, so I think I'm in the clear!

We bought Brodey a sandbox and picnic table at Sam's tonight. SO CUTE!!! I can't wait to get it put together and let him play in it! I really think he's gonna love it! He adores being outside! I hope it warms up again!

The layout I did above is for the Technique Tuesday class I'm teaching this month at Just 4 Keeps! The class fee includes the stamps! Great deal! The photograph is of Ally and Brodey! Love it!

Okay Brodey is on the Boppy and I'm going to bed. He didn't sleep 30 minutes in his bed tonight! ARG! That means no scrapping done! I'll just have to play catch up when MIL comes tomorrow!

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