Thursday, August 07, 2008

Naked Training is Shear Genius!

Haha! I love that title!
Okay I have devised a plan to potty train Brodey. I call it Naked Training. I strip him down naked and he has to pee pee in the potty. Right? Wrong! He comes running into the office and dances naked in his cowboy boots! LOL (I'm dead serious, by the way! I would prove it by posting a pic but someone would report me to Blogger. Hahahaha)
Okay so he really does pee pee in the potty when he's naked. If he isn't, he is just too busy to tell me he needs to go. I have to watch him very carefully and actually ask him if he needs to go. He usually says NO I have to go get my gun or NO I have to go get a drink or something other than go pee pee. It's a daily battle.

Okay on to something more entertainging...SHEAR GENIUS! I love this show. Everyone is so catty this season! It's great!! That's actually why I'm posting so late. We went to Tulsa after Eric got off work and I watched the recorded episode when I got home. Thank goodness for DVR! I LOVE that thing! I come home and git List and it shows me my shows! It's like Christmas every day!

I just love this kitty. I'm so glad someone didn't want her so that we could have her! As you have probably read someone dumped her at my Meme's house and my parents brought her to Brodey. He tells her "You are my best friend." So sweet! She tortures the other cat and it's so funny! They get along pretty well now. They did fight, but now they just stalk each other!

I'm pretty excited. Tonight (or probably in the morning because I'm tired) I get to set up my Uppercase Living website! My very own! I'm so excited! Everyone will be able to view the catalog and I think actually order from there! When I get it set up I'll link it! Yeah!

Okay I am going to bed. I am so tired. I didn't really do much today so I don't know why. My back is killing me so I'll have to say goodbye until tomorrow!


Sooz said...

That is so funny about the cowboy! Cute kitty and wow that Uppercase living stuff is beautiful. I love it! Can't wait to see your website.

foreverfoldinglaundry said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I love the name of your blog - so cute. Naked potty training is what worked for us too. That, and peeing outside in the backyard. They were big fans of that move! =)

The Christenson's said...

Aw, it is so sweet that Brodey tells the cat that she is his best friends. Melts my heart!!