Wednesday, February 28, 2007

I'm BAD!

I am getting so bad at posting! What's my deal!?! I have been so busy doing Design Team layouts and layouts for my upcoming classes that I just scrap and go to bed! BAD April! Hehe! I promise to try to be better!
Well I'm through with the Survivor Challenge at Scrapbook Chalet! Ah well! I think I should have formed an alliance with someone. Gosh I guess I suck at survivor! LOL I really have some awesome layouts from it! I would have never done some of them had I not been challenged! Plus the girls there are fantastic! I just might have to stick around! ;)
Not much going on around here! I teach Brodey new things every day! He is like a little sponge! He follows commands and two step ones! He is growing up so fast! I can tell him to pick up dirty laundry and put it in the laundry room and he does it! LOL I only have to show him once how to work/turn on a toy and he has it down! We got a new toy today at McDonald's(I'm addicted to their new strip wraps)! It's a robot and I showed him once how to push the tiny button to make it talk and he loves it! Okay enough braggin already! LOL
In 12 days Eric will be 28 and Brodey will be 14 months old! WOW! March 12th! How did we get to be 28 years old! My goodness!
Whoa the wind just came out of nowhere and scared the CRAP out of me! Sorry! Gosh it blew the Valentine's wind thing right up against the window! FREAKY!!! And's still up! Hahaha!
The layout above is for the Just 4 Keeps Design Team! I got to work with the new Blossom line of 3 Bugs in a Rug paper! FUN! Look how little Brodey was last Easter! AH SAD!
Okay. I am going to attempt to put Brodey in his bed and get a page done! LOL I am laughing to myself because I don't think it's gonna happen! I can try!


Jenn said...

ape I heart this page!! i so love that line, what you did with it rocks!! sorry you are out now, bummer..but like you said at least ya got some really awesome lo's out of it!!

Jaci said...


I just LOVE what you did with those papers! That LO ROCKS and the pic is just too adorable!
I'm sorry you didn't make the next round on survivor. Personally, I think making alliances is kinda cheating. I hope you stick around anyway though. I LOVE your creations and would totally miss seeing them if you left!!!