Monday, January 10, 2011

Snow Day...well sort of.

We kind of had a snow day today. The snow is already gone, but Brodey had fun playing in what was left!
I'm sure the roads were bad this morning, but they seem to be fine now. I know last night they weren't! We went to Holdenville to celebrate Brodey's birthday (he turns 5 on Wednesday) and left to come back last night at 9. We didn't pull into the driveway until 11:50. It usually takes us just over an hour and a half. It was NOT fun.
Brodey actually had more snow to play with in Holdenville. We left the house without snow boots and gloves so we kind of had to improvise. Rene (Eric's mom) was VERY creative! ;)
She took plastic Wal-Mart bags and covered his tennis shoes and hands with them. Then she took socks and covered the bags with the socks. Haha! It looked hilarious, but it worked great!
He threw snowballs and dug in the snow and when he came in his hands were still warm! Fun times!
Well I'm off to make some stew! If you are a scrapbooker I posted a couple of new layouts on my paperscrafting blog HERE! If you are a cardmaker I posted a couple of new cards on my Stampin Up blog HERE!
Have a wonderful Monday!
April :)

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