Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Another Snow Day but You Can't Play...

Well we are home again today! I'm sure the roads were pretty messy this morning.
I went to my friend Marcie's house last night with the girls to watch The Bachelor at 8. It was snowing chunks of snow and the roads were soaked. By the time I left to go back home at around 11 the grass was covered with snow again and the temp had severely dropped. Right now the wind chill is 15. NOT fun! So even though there is snow on the ground outside poor Bro can't play in it! He would FREEZE!
This handsome boy will be "one whole hand" tomorrow...as he puts it. I just ran in there and snapped this pic. He's watching Tom and Jerry. He's still in his PJ's but he has Peter Pan pants on. Looks like he's been in his Halloween costumes LOL.
I posted a new card on my Stampin Up blog. It's one of the cards we made at our Stamper's Night Out last week. Fun times!!
Well I'm going to go get dressed. Bro isn't the only one still in his PJ's! Hehe!
Stay warm and have a terrific Tuesday!

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