Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Snow Day!

Well I got the text from Mrs Tuck this morning at 5am telling us there would be no school today...enjoy! Brodey has definitely enjoyed it!
He has made many snow angels and tried to make a snowman, which didn't happen. While we got several inches of snow, it refuses to pack. It's just pretty fluffy snow. So there will be no snowmen guarding our house tonight.

The boys filled up the bird feeders and have "rescued" several stunned birds from the cat. The kamakazi birds have been smacking into the windows all day. Maybe they feel like I do and are sick of winter. Ha! ;)
Well this will be a short post. When both boys are home it keeps me pretty busy. The next time someone asks me if Brodey is "my only one" I'm going to say "no...I am married to the other one." Har har!
Stay warm!

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