Wednesday, January 12, 2011

One Whole Hand...

My boy is "one whole hand" today! I can't even believe it! It doesn't seem real.
He is the one that came up with "one whole hand." At some point someone asked him how old he was going to be and he said "5" and held up his hand. He looked at me and said "Oh my goodness mom! I'm gonna be one whole hand!" I though it was funny.
So since his bday falls on a school day we decided to bring cupcakes to school. I always loved it when my mom made me ice cream cone cupcakes so that's what we did.
We went into town yesterday and I got Funfetti cake mix, went to Braum's to get cones (I didn't want to take my chances on getting stale ones at the grocery store), and headed home. We baked them up and Brodey decorated them with sprinkles.
When I got up this morning I checked on them and the cones were soggy. Crap. So after I took Bro to school I went back into town and bought the stuff to remake them. I know that's ridiculous, but I couldn't take soggy cupcake cones to school!!! So now my house smells yummy and I discovered there are way more calories in the Funfetti mix than regular. Yikes!
I snapped that pic this morning after Mrs Tuck made him his bday crown! He looks a little pale, poor guy. He was up last night coughing his little head off and Eric gave him the GOOD cough medicine. This means he slept great, but didn't feel so great when he got up this morning. I think he had a little medicine head going on. He was a trooper, though, and was in a great mood once I sang him Happy Birthday a thousand times off key and gave him just as many kisses. ;)
I was just reading the blog post where he turned 1. It seems like it just happened!
Okay I'm going to stop before I ruin my makeup. It's just so sad how quickly time goes by.
Have a wonderful Wednesday and stay warm! Fingers and toes are good to have around!

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