Thursday, December 21, 2006


The mall is CRAZY!!!!! Stay away! Once again, I have waited last minute to buy my gifts! I can't learn! I have most of it done! But...I'm not heeding my own advice and I'm going back tomorrow! I know! I'M CRAZY!!! LOL Mother-in-law is coming tomorrow and she has things she needs to do. So...I'll probably end up going with her! Brodey was so so good today! He has been teething molars, too! I think it's really been bothering him but he was a little trooper! I love that little man! This layout is a super simple one I did for some photos of him playing! It didn't scan in so great, but I love it!!!

Oh! SO excited! I won a RAK at! I was so excited! It was really, really funny! Dayami, a fellow Creative Team member, set up a RAK where we had to guess what number her son chose between 1-50. Easy right??? WRONG!!! It went on and on and on! Finally she stopped the madness and announced I guessed the correct number 32! SO excited! Can't wait to get my little RAK in the mail!!!

Okay well I have a killer headache and I'm going to bed!

Sweet dreams!!!


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