Wednesday, December 20, 2006

First Resolution...

Okie dokie. So mom and I hit the mall today to do some shopping. Geez!!! It was raining like crazy and there were STILL a ton of people there! That's what I get! I'm a last minute present buyer. So my first New Year's resolution is to not wait last minute to buy gifts. My gosh it's a headache! I counted my list today and there are more than 20 people to buy for. It's like okay we have to buy for so and if we buy that person something we have to buy this person something...and it just goes on and on. I truly love to give gifts, I just HATE to buy them!

That was my question of the day over at How many people are on your holiday list? That forum is a blast! LOL
I love this layout! I couldn't decide which holiday photo to use and so I just added all three! My fave is the one in the middle on the left. It's not the typical smiley Christmas pic, but it's beautiful anyway!
I'm not sure I'm going to be able to sleep tonight. 3 Bugs Design Team calls go out tomorrow! AH! Like I said, there were probably TONS and TONS of entries way better than mine. But....I'm still keeping my fingers AND toes crossed!!!
Hope you sleep better than me tonight!!! LOL

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