Saturday, December 23, 2006

Love hate relationship...

Wow I have such a love hate relationship with digital photography! I love the instant gratification that it brings, but geez I take WAY too many photos!!! I can't stay caught up! Here it is, 1:15am and I have only progressed by a few days! Ridiculous! I guess with the good comes the bad....right?? The pic I posted on the left was taken at Brodey's very first football game! This was back close to Halloween....see how behind I am!?!?! It was a little cold, so we are bundled up! It was fun!

I didn't end up going to the mall today. This only means I have to go tomorrow. Mom called and asked if I would go by and get my brother a pair of jeans. As if "go by" means just drop by and grab a pair of jeans! Har har har! It will take me at least 45 minutes! Oh well! She asked so I do! LOL

My goal was to get a few pages done tonight while mother-in-law is here. That's what I wanted to do, but I thought getting the pics off my card would be better. I would rather be scrapping...

Okay I better get back to it! I'll attempt to update on mom's computer since I'll be there tomorrow night, but she still has dial-up so that will be a challenge! (They live in the country where cable is still not available)

If I can't, everyone please have a VERY Merry Christmas!!!!!


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