Tuesday, May 22, 2007


Graduation season is almost over! I am so glad! LOL
My sister graduated Saturday, but she goes to school another two weeks to make up for snow days. My cousins graduate Thursday night and my brother-in-law's awesome girlfriend graduates Tuesday night. AH!

Everything is peachy here! I'm busy and that's no fun! That means no scrappin' time for little ole me! Don't you feel sorry! Bwahahaha!!!

OH AWESOME news! I had THREE layouts picked up for the October 2007 issue of Memory Makers magazine! YEAH!!! This the first time I've been in Memory Makers and I'm so excited! I shipped the layouts off today! That always makes me nervous, but the peeps at the UPS store always do a good job. Knock on wood....

My high school reunion is a month away! Yikes! Make a girl feel old why don't ya?!? We are going to have a blast!! I'm planning a picnic, viewing of our slideshow, and a good old fashioned party that night! I can't wait!!!!!

Well I know this is a short post, but I gotta go! I'll be on more now since the season is wrapping up! Have an awesome Tuesday! Hehe!

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Linda said...

Caught you on two peas and wanted to check out your blog. Fun stuff...love your scrappin style. Great days to you.