Sunday, May 06, 2007

No fun!

Surgery is no fun! Escpecially when it's your child! That was the scariest moment of my life. By far.
Okay first I need to explain what he was having surgery for. WARNING this will be graphic, so just skip down if you have a weak stomach! ;)
Tuesday Brodey had hypospadia surgery. Brodey's urethra(peepee tube) didn't close completely when I was pregnant with him. So instead of peepeeing out of the hole in the tip of his penis, he would peepee out of a small hole at the base of his penis. The surgery was to build him a new urethra out of his foreskin tissue.

The surgery was supposed to last 4-5 hours and there was a slight chance he would have to come back for a second surgery if they could not fix it properly. We went in at 8:30 and he got to go in earlier because the surgery before him was canceled.

LUCKILY my best friend, Natalie, is an RN there. She was there with us most of the time which made it so much better! Eric got to go back with him when they gave him the gas to put him to sleep. I was crying at this point and there was no way I could do it! Eric came back and he said it was so hard to hold him while he went to sleep. Eric was a nervous wreck so he went to work while I stayed at the hospital with my MIL. My mom and grandmother went to my house to clean while I stayed there. (Yes I do have awesome relatives! Haha!) Then nurse called every hour to tell me how it was going, but I was still a nervous wreck. It is the worst feeling to have no control.

The surgery lasted about 4 hours and we went to recovery. It was so sad walking up and seeing him asleep all hooked up to everything. I got to hold him until he woke up. When he did his voice was all cracky. They had to put a breathing tube in his throat during the surgery so it was hard for him to talk for a little bit.

We finally got to take him home about 3 hours later. He got home and slept it off and was up and running around by 7 that night! Crazy. We actually had to restrain him from doing a lot. He is doing fine since then! The only time it seems to bother him is when we have to bathe him. Other than that you wouldn't even know! He sleeps A LOT during the day, though, which restricts what I can do. He wants to nurse a lot so I let him, of course!

I'm so glad it's over with! I have to take him on Wednesday to get the catheter removed. I'm nervous about that.

While I was there I saw other babies with much more severe problems than Brodey's. It makes me feel so lucky to have a normal and healthy baby boy. So lucky.



jennihaywood said...

I hope he is feeling better! Poor baby! I am just glad there are docs out there that can fix things so well!
I really enjoy your blog! You do some really amazing layouts! Have a good week.

Audra said...

Poor baby. I totally feel for you. So glad that he came out of it good and that he is recovering quickly. {{{{HUGS}}}}