Monday, May 07, 2007

Love this boy

I love this boy. This boy right here ^. He is such a little trooper. The dressing from his surgery came off today. I felt so bad. The catheter is still in, but the dressing slipped off after his bath today. He just cries when I put his diaper on. I can't imagine how it must feel. I have to admit we giggle just a little bit when he walks around. He walks like he's been riding a horse for the last week. Hehe.

He goes in tomorrow morning to get the catheter removed. I have a feeling that's going to help with the pain. It'll actually be able to lay against his body in his diaper. Eric is going with me. Thank goodness. Not sure I could handle that by myself.

The poor boy has been sleeping practically all day long. He needs it. I'll be happier when everything gets back to normal! I can't get anything done! He won't sleep unless he's on the Boppy or in bed with me. So I'll be happy when I'm free! ;)

Well he's ready for bed so I guess I'll go for now!

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april said...

Poor little guy!! Glad things are looking up for him! I'm sure you'll feel better when he's 100% again! Hang in there!