Friday, May 25, 2007

Congrats Ry and Jeni!

YEAH! You guys are finished with high school!!!
Ry's graduation was great! Brodey was pretty restless but okay overall. We ended up not going to Jeni's in Norman. There is NO WAY Brodey would have been able to do it! All of his "good" ran out at Ry's. We ended up going to eat with Ry and everyone in her family! It was fun!! I posted a few pics above!

MIL is coming this weekend!!! YEAH!!! I have so much scrapping to catch up on! Tomorrow is the virtual crop at One Page at a Time! Details are in the post below! It's going to be fun!

Well I'm off! Brodey is in a MOOD. He's probably ready for a nap! LOL

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