Thursday, September 18, 2008

Chocolate Chip Cookies are my Sworn Enemy

Why do I make them? Why? Any other cookie can sit there in the cookie jar until Eric eats them. They CALL my name. They say "pour a glass of milk and we will have a good 'ole time." I can't resist. At least the milk's healthy.
According to the Wii I'm overwieght. It even gave my Mii a muffin top. I don't have a muffin top in real life. But my Mii sure looks cute with one!
I have been editing pictures like a mad woman. I will share some tomorrow. I'm too lazy to go back and save them for web viewing right now. Usually when I sit down in this chair for more than 5 minutes my back starts to hurt. Not anymore! Thank you Wii! I have been doing Yoga with the Wii Fit and I can already tell a difference. I always hated Yoga in the past. I have tried it twice. I always give something a second shot if I don't like it the first time. (i.e. octopus and french toast) The second time I tried Yoga I had to go to the Chiropractor. With Wii it's different. You have to stay balanced and it KNOWS if you are doing it wrong. It's awesome.
Enough Wii talk. Eric came home with a prize for Brodey today. He wore underwear ALL day and went to potty all by himself. So maybe he peed in the shower. It's better than a diaper right? I blame Eric for that. But whatever works.
Eric brought him home a John Deere scooter. Bro calls it a cooter. Which makes Eric crack up. Boys never grow up. So Eric is just making his John Deere and camo obsession worse.
So Eric finally gets it put together (after several temper tantrums) and HE rides it all through the house. He was blazing down the halls and doing that Eric cackle (yes some of you know the one) and I'm sitting at the computer (editing pics of course) and he wizzes by me followed by Brodey. I hear a huge CRASH, something knock over, and Eric screaming about his foot. So I mozey on in there and the piano bench is in the middle of the floor and Eric is laying there holding his foot. Of course I die laughing and I offer to kiss it. He refused. I'm like "What the heck did you do?"
"The piano got in my way." he cries.
"Daddy fell on my cooter." Brodey says.
I am laughing so hard I am in the floor. Eric keeps whining about his toe, but starts to laugh after a minute. I just wish I had it on film to share.
Well it's 12:40 and I'm headed to bed. The bug spray man is coming tomorrow. I guess we will have to leave the fumed up house so Brodey doesn't grow an extra leg or something. Maybe I'll hit Ross or Wall's! :)
Have a good night! Fingers crossed the stupid raccoons don't wake me up again tonight!

P.S. The layout up there is one of my Just 4 Keeps Design Team Layouts for September. That was Bro when we cut his hair. It's alreayd grown out! He needs to get buzzed again! ;)


Jessica said...

I guess I haven't grown up yet either! As I was reading this it is 6:00am and hubby is still asleep, but the part about "Eric falling on the cooter" I couldn't help but laugh out loud. Oh well it's about time for Jason to get up anyway! I hope you have fun shopping!

The Christenson's said...

I can just hear Eric's cackle as he rode through the house! Too funny! And Brodey saying Eric fell on his cooter is hilarious!!
And I cannot believe they gave your Mii a muffin top!! What???! That is just wrong.

I want a Wii fit!!!

Allie said...

Mmm.. chocolate chip cookies. I should look into the Wii! It sounds too fun. I'll have to find out if they have Mario Kart for Wii - I LOVE that game!! Cute cute LO.

Sooz said...

We love our Wii and our Wii Fit. Its so much fun and tell Allie they do have Mario Kart. We won't discuss what my Mii for Wii Fit looks!
We all cracked up about Eric on the "cooter" and his cackle. LOL! Too funny!

Favvismaria said...

What a cool LO!