Monday, September 29, 2008

I'm still alive!!!!

I'm still alive! I promise! I might be treading water....but I AM alive! This is probably the most repeated phrase in history and I'm going to say it again. There are NOT enough hours in the day! By the time I get everything done I need to it's midnight and I'm too tired to blog. So sad. The end of the month is a killer for me. It's almost over! The boys are outside and I have things I need to be doing, but I wanted to just sit down and post. Last week was crazy. Funerals, parents visiting, puppy surgery, and so on.

When I had to take Gigi and Gunner to the vet for their last ear check up(they are cocker spaniels so you understand) Eric wanted the vet to check a lump Gunner had on his neck. He has skin issues, so we weren't too worried. The vet wanted to remove it for safety's sake so we did. It was fine. Nothing serious. It's just so much FUN to take dogs and a kid to the vet.

My black cat is still missing. I think he's down at the gate with the other kitty. I swear I saw him down there when we came home late last weekend. The gray cat is fine. She got over whatever was the matter. She is finally acting like her normal self. Since the black cat isn't around it makes me want to adopt another cat. :) Eric would KILL me. I would have to lie and say "oh it just showed up!" Haha!

I finally finished my redos for my classes next month. (the ones I made originally got picked up by Creating Keepsakes) If you are in Edmond next month you should take them! It will be SO much fun! We are playing around with alcohol inks and ultra thick embossing enamel. I'll post my class projects as soon as the newsletter goes out.

If you like to read, you need to check out Good Reads. My profile is HERE. It's so much fun! You can keep track of all your books. I love how you can add books that you are planning to read. It helps because I forget when someone suggests a good book. There are also groups that you can join that read the same books as you do. It's fun to actually chat with people who read what you do! Fun stuff! Thanks Trisha P for letting me know about it! ;)

So Brodey doesn't have a Halloween costume yet. You can tell I live FAR away from civilization. Usually I already have it by now! He is old enough to help me pick it out. That will be fun! Ha! We will see!

Brodric (Eric's brother) turned 21 this weekend! Pretty exciting stuff! It seems like I just turned 21! When I turned 21 he was 13! Oh my! We had fun this weekend, though. He came down and we went to the lake. Yes we went to the lake at the end of September. It was a little crazy being there when acorns are falling on the camper and ducks are landing on the water. I have to say, though, that the craziest thing was the sun setting at like 7:30. What? We would have at least an hour more of water time! So sad! I guess that will be the official last lake trip this summer. Seven sad, long months until we get to go back. Oh the heartbreak! So anyway we pretty much had the lake to ourselves. It was nice. Eric brought a tube that was in our shop when me moved in. You could tell it had been there for a long time and the boys were wanting a small one to do barrel rolls. (crazy I know) So we brought it, aired it up, and off they went. For about 10 minutes. The poor tube was having none of that. It started to rip and it finally gave way. It was so funny because Tyler (Ally's boyfriend) was riding it with the cover ripped off just holding it on. Then they just took the cover off and I told them to get on the tube and hold on to the ski rope. (I'm the one that comes up with the ideas for OTHER people and sit in the boat and laugh) I dubbed it Tube Skiing. It was so funny. I videotaped it on my camera. I tried to put it on YouTube to post here but the file is too big. I'm going to have to figure out how to make it smaller.

I got an email today from Scrapbook Trends asking if I was planning on sending them the layout they requested for the Oh Baby Idea Book. What? Huh? Did I read that right? I never even recieved an email! I guess I'll have one more thing to mail off at the post office tomorrow!

Okay I gotta go. I have stuff I need to finish before tomorrow. Fun! I just wanted to check in! I still have a ton of pics and no time. I really hope I can get back to posting every day! It's neat for me to go back and read what I can't even remember doing! Ha!
Have a good night!


Trisha said...

I was wondering where you've been...glad your back!

Jessica said...

I was beginning to get worried about you. Thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. I am going to be moving soon so no scrappy time for me until after November 1&2 but I will soon have some pretty layouts using your wonderful pics posted at J4K. I hope things get back to normal around you neck of the woods soon. I miss reading about your life! :)

Lisa S. said...

Yay! I've missed you and your great posts! Glad to see you back!