Friday, September 19, 2008


Yes I had to call Onstar today. Bro and I were going to run into town. I needed some ink from Hobby Lobby and some milk. We go out and get into the car. I get Bro all buckled in and I put the key in the ignition and it won't turn. I'm like "Wha?" I slowly figure out I have Eric's key to his truck. I quickly dig in my purse and no key. So I get out of the car, shut the door, and the car honks as I get to the house door. "Wha?" Did the car just lock on it's own? Surely not. I go in the house and tear up the place looking for a key. No luck. I go back and the door won't open. The car is locked and the only place there could be a key is in one of two purses in my car. CRAP! Bro is mad because he can't get his candy. I'm like tapping on the window "Bro! Wiggle your arms out of the carseat and open the door!."
"Okay mom!" He does this. No luck. The door won't open.
"Okay push that button!"
"Okay mom!" He does this. No luck. I can barely see in the window because they are tinted. He is trying everything to get the door opened so I try to tell him how to get OUT of the carseat. Ain't gonna happen. The kid is super strapped in. I'm like dang. I've had this car how long and I already have to call Onstar. I haven't even set it up!
I call Mom to get the number and the girl is so nice. I have no pin so I had to answer some quetions. She unlocks the doors and Brodey is so mad. She's like "Is he okay!?!?"
I'm like "yes he just wants his Smarties."
She laughs and I get them for him. Bro says "Thank you nice lady!"
She laughs harder and says "Thank you! Have a nice day!" You bet! LOL
Now if only that nice lady could find my black cat. The gray cat came back. Today she was acting no like herself so i decided to take her to the vet. She is on the back porch so I run in to call. They can't get her in until 2:30. Of course. So I go back out and she is gone again. Crap! I'm thinking hopefully she will show back up around 2! Nope. She didn't show back up until around 6pm. She is still acting tired. I ran into Ashley today at Hobby Lobby. (We bought thehouse from her and her husband.) She said that the cat is spayed and she just does that sometimes. But she has been here since May so I can tell she isn't acting right. Ashley didn't know how old she is. She said she came with the house! Haha! They bought it about 4 years ago. I HOPE she gets better this weekend! If she isn't better tomorrow I'm taking her to the vet. Or try to. They are open until noon on Saturdays.
I have been so busy editing pics and working on class stuff that I haven't had time to post. Once I get all that out of the way I will be back to normal posts. I miss it!
I'm going to try to edit some more pics now! Oh here someone! Better go!


~Kim said...

oh my gosh, what an ordeal with onstar....maybe they'll put that on their commercial or could be like incredibly famous april! : ) poor brodey! i guess it's a good thing he couldn't wiggle out of his carseat, that's kind of the point.


Trisha said...

I locked Braydyn in the car on accident when I was dropping her off at bible school. I still don't know how that happened. I was tapping on the class trying to get her to unlock the doors (in front of the First Baptist Church, looking like an idiot and irresponsible mother). Luckily, she was only in a booster seat, so she was able to get it unlocked.

Sooz said...

Thank goodness for Onstar, but I think almost all of our parents have locked us in the car at some point in our lives. Glad Brodey got his Smarties!

Jessica said...

Aww April! I am so glad you have onstar! I can't wait to see the finished products of your fruits of labor!