Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lowe's Knows.....How to Entertain My Son

Yes Brodey loves Lowe's. He always has. He actually asks to go to Lowe's. The first thing he has to do when we walk in is get on all the lawn mowers. He hops from one to the other. He loves that he doesn't have to get in the cart there. He is free to walk with me as long as he stays with me. If he doesn't he gets in trouble and has to ride in the cart. It works. Well at Lowe's anyway! LOL Eric was looking for a weed eater and Brodey thought he would try one out. Do you think they would give him a job? Hahaha!Yesterday was a good day. Bro and I didn't get home until after 12 so I was too tired to post. It's a 2 hour drive from here to Shawnee. YES I drive that far just to get my hair done! ;) I LOVE my hairdresser. Plus Ally lives there and that is where she is opening her cheer leading gym. I got to see Mom and Dad and I used my trusty Revolution to diecut letters to put above her mirrors. It turned out SO good! The battery went dead on my camera so I didn't get a pic. My Mom and Dad have been helping her get the building ready so Brodey stayed with them while I went to the hairdresser. It's right down the street. Brodey loved being able to ride his bicycle and play ball in a totally empty building.
When I got back he was kicking his soccer ball around and we were all watching him and it kind of went right outside the door. He came over to where we were and he started playing with something else and we all went back to work.
Then my Mom says "Hey Brodey's ball is going down Kickapoo."
We all jump up and run outside and there goes his ball right down the middle of the road. It was as if it was running away. It was so funny until we realized it might cause an accident! My Dad takes off after it and it is at the intersection by then! Her gym is on a hill so it had a pretty good head start! He runs all the way down there and walks back with Bro's ball. I snapped a pic as he was walking back. It was pretty funny.
Lately I have been feeling like there is NO time in the day. When I worked full time it seemed like the clock went SO SLOW. Now I look up and it's 1 in the afternoon! It has really been driving me nuts lately. I feel like I can't get anything done! Maybe it's because the days are getting shorter. Who knows. It's really going to stink when the time changes. I love it when Eric comes home and he and Bro go outside after we eat dinner. I get so much done! But now it will be almost dark by the time Eric gets home! YIKES!
Brodey is so obsessed with camo right now. Actually he is obsessed with clothes. He is 2 and a half and he changes clothes at least 4 times a day. It is really starting to get on my nerves. He has to have a shirt that is "bad to the bone" and he has to have shorts on "like Uncle Mike's." I blame Eric for the "bad to the bone," but I don't know where the obsession with Uncle Mike's shorts came from. He must be an observant little dude. He LIVES in his camo boots. Can you see his cool knee high socks? Well he has to wear them because he wears the boots so much they rub his legs red! I can't even take them off him when he is napping. Sometimes he wakes up in the middle of the night and asks where they are. I'm not kidding, by the way. I think he got the sleep talking from me. Haha!
The raccoon is still coming back. BUT the other night she brought a friend. I'm not sure if in the raccoon world the girl pays for the date, but that better be the only "friend" she brings back to the house! I'll try to get a pic and post it.
Okay I'm gonna have to wrap it up. I'm so tired. My allergies have been so out of whack today. I try to sneeze a dozen times and nothing comes out. I haven't had allergies like this since before I had Brodey. Does that mean it's time for another one? HAHAHAHA!!!! I can hear it now "Eric I think we need to have another baby because my allergies didn't exist when I was pregnant and after I had him." That would SO not fly! Ha!


Trisha said...

It is definitely time for another baby! Trust me, the older you get, the harder it is. I'm so much more exhausted with Bella than I was with Braydyn or Gage, and she's been really easy!

Sooz said...

I'm with Trisha...time for another baby! A little girl!