Monday, September 15, 2008

Wii Love the Wii

These are my Just 4 Keeps girls!!!! I LOVE THEM!!!!
Okay so oh my gosh Wii Fit is SO MUCH FUN!!! I am so stinkin' sore, but it was a blast! I got it today at Game Stop in Tahlequah! BARELY! I got the only one they will have for a while. I was so excited! It kicks my butt, but it is so cool! It's amazing what that thing can tell you! It's kind of freaky, really! I was doing the Tree pose in Yoga and I fell over. It said "You fell over. Try lengthening your spine." I was like OH MY! Then Eric came home and he couldn't even do any of the Yoga poses. I was laughing so hard! Brodey loves to "play" with me. I gave him the paper out of the box and told him it was his balance board. Haha! It worked!
My kitty cat still hasn't come back. I might never know what happened to it. That stinks so bad. I REALLY hope it is just eloped with a neighbor cat and will come back. :(
My knees are SO SO SO sore from taking pictures on Saturday! It was a blast, though! It is always worth the hard work. I was booked solid from 10:30am to 5 or so. I can't remember. I stayed afterwards and had a blast. No I didn't crop, haha, but I had fun anyway! I have over 600 photos to get ready to send. So you know what I'll be doing all week! ;) I'll post some highlights as I get them done.
I didn't leave the store until 11pm. I had to drive back and it poured on me. Once I got to about Stroud the wind was so bad I thougth I was going to get blown off the road. I had plenty of gas to get home, but the wind sucked it down. My gas light came on outside of Tulsa before I knew it. That means I only have less than 25 miles left. With the wind blowing like it was I wasn't sure how long it would last. My navigation asked if I wanted it to show me gas stations, but it didn't. So I got off the Turnpike twice where there was a gas sign. NO gas station. So I finally got off at the Supulpa exit. It was about 12:45am and that area was so sketchy. I called my dad and asked him if there was bad weather and he said no. I told him he had to stay on the phone with me because I only had probably 10 miles or less of gas left. I had to drive around looking for the stupid gas station. When I finally found it, it was all dark and some scary factory was across the street. I was like "STAY ON THE PHONE WITH ME DAD." I could tell he was asleep so I kept trying to talk to him. I hop out of the car into about 3 inches of water and soak the bottom 5 inches of my jeans. The wind is whipping rain in my face and I just want to get gas and get the hell out of there. Finally I get enough to get me home and I'm like "Dad. Dad." No answer. He fell asleep. So I hang up and head back home. Well AFTER I had to turn around twice. I am notorious for not being able to backtrack.
My Dad called me Sunday morning and was like "Hey did I talk to you last night."
I just laughed. "Yes Dad. I was getting gas in sketchytown and you fell asleep on the phone."
He as like "Oh no I'm sorry! I woke up this morning and I didn't know if it was a dream or what."
When my Mom got on the phone she said Dad had been up early this morning freaking out because he didn't know if he had actually talked to me or not. Mom had to keep him from calling because she thought I'd still be sleeping. Haha! I made it home, thank goodness!
Sunday was a lazy day. Eric was in Holdenville and after Rene went home it was just me, Mady, and Brodey. We watched I Love Money, Talladega Nights, and a bunch of other crap. I LOVE those two! Talladega Nights always cracks me up!
Today was busy. We took the dogs to the vet this morning to re-check their ears. They are MUCH better, but still a little infected. Cocker Spaniels are so hard. Their ears are totally cute, but big trouble. Gunner actually has to go back the 25th to have surgery. He has a cyst on his neck that has to be removed. They had to be there at 9:45 this morning. Brodey is so hard to wake up. Some day he will sleep until 9:30. I dread getting him up for school.
So I get us both out the door, get my photo stuff unloaded from Saturday, and get the dog cage in the back. I go in to get the dogs and Gigi comes in from outside. GREAT. I guess it was good that she peed, but BAD that her legs were SOAKING wet. She is small so I have to pick her up to put her in the car. FUN. I finally get them loaded up and we are on our way. We get there without a hitch. I remind Bro not to stick his finger in the cage again (if you don't read my blog last time the bird bit him on the finger). Gunner walks right in, hikes his leg, and pees ALL over the bottom of the counter. Great start and his pee STINKS. I'm like "I'm sorry Gunner just peed on your counter." As soon as I say that Brodey screams bloody murder and starts crying. I knew right then that STUPID bird bit him again. The dogs freak out.
"Did that bird bite you again?"
He says "Yes" through tears. The bird starts making a laughing sound.
"I told you not to stick your finger in there. Didn't you remember last time?"
"Yes. Now that bird's laughing at me."
I bust out laughing too. He was fine. It didn't even leave a red mark.
We finally get out of there with only Gigi trying to attack a lizard in a cage. I think "Oh man! It's only 10! That means McDonalds breakfast baby!"
We get into line and we are almost up and I hear Brodey say "No Gunner!"
I look back and Gunner is out of the cage! What? Am I going to have to change your name to Houdini? I didn't care, but I knew Eric would have a fit if dog hair and slobber were all over my new car. Oh and I would be toast if he decided to mark my leather seat as his territory!! I finally get my sausage egg cheese biscuit and Gunner wants to smell it. So I pull in and get him back in the cage. We survivied another trip to the vet.
Well I got Baby Momma at Wal-Mart today and I'm going to go try to convince Eric to watch it with me. If not Mady will! ;)
I have to start posting every day again. There are always funny stories I forget to tell.
Have a good night!


~Kim said...

WHEW! That post just exhausted me April. I hate taking my dog to the vet too...(if you've seen my blog, we were just there the other night!). Gus ALWAYS pees inside when we get there and I'm like HELLO you were just outside! URGH.

Your drive home from Tulsa was crazy girlie. Sapulpa is not a town you want to run out of gas or get gas in...scary town for sure!

Don't kill yourself over those fact, I'll be patient if you want to do mine last because that's just how nice I am!! (LOL!)


Jessica said...

Wow! You were busy! I am so sorry about your kitty. I hope it comes back soon. I can not wait to be a mommy. Reading your blog makes me think having a little boy would be fun. I can't wait to see the pics fro this weekend!

Trisha said...

We're thinking of getting a Wii for the kids for Christmas, but basically we want one!

Lisa S. said...

April ~ you crack me up! Some days my life seems really boring in comparison to yours ;) I love your stories and the way you tell them.

Sorry to hear about your kitty but happy you made it home the other night safely. One one recent trip to Tulsa I didn't notice I was almost out of gas and had to pull off the turnpike in Kellyville ~ not fun. So, my rule from now on is to be sure I have a full tank *before* I get on the highway going in either direction.

The Christenson's said...

I am cracking up!!!! I can just see Brodey sneaking up to the bird cage and knowing he shouldn't stick his finger in there, but not being able to resist. Then that mean old bird laughed at him!! How awful...but so funny too. (since he wan't hurt, of course.) What a wild trip to the vet!

I'm glad you still get to go see your friends in Edmond frequently. That is so nice and I know you have a good time!

And I hope the kitty returns.

Sooz said...

What a great group of ladies! Bro and the bird...hilarious! I hate taking our dog to the vet. Gah!