Saturday, September 06, 2008

Hello Brodey's Room!

Well if you don't get the Basic Grey newsletter, HERE is the link! YES that is Brodey's room! YES that article on the last page is by ME!!! I'm so excited! (Good thing I picked up before I took that photo! LOL I didn't know they were going to use it!) So I'm doing my little happy dance right now!
Mady just left. She came by here before she went out to do her Friday night college thing! ;) Rene brought her yearbook. We were looking at that and I happened to have the Holdenville HS 1972 yearbook and my yearbooks. Us girls had a little flashback party! It was fun! Fashions have certainly changed not only from 1972, but also 1997! It made me miss my friends! :( We need to get togther girls! You know who you are!
I've been having a ton of fun over at Janna Wilson and Valerie Salmon's Got Sketch 102 class! It's been so much fun to work on layouts without any pressure! I work on layouts for calls or DT and I forget how much fun it is to just SCRAP! Oh and I'll actually get to post the layouts! LOL I never get to post what I scrap unless I know for sure it isn't going to get picked up! If you need some scrapping inspritation, scrappy fun, or you need to learn some scrappy tips and tricks you should take the class! There are no deadlines and you can join in at any time! The layout above is from the second sketch in the class! SO FUN!!
Well I'm mad. I wanted to share more photos from the lake, but I got the wrong photo card. The photos were on Ally's camera and I thought I got the right one and I didn't. :( She is coming tomorrow and she promises to bring the right card!
Okay it's 12:30 and I'm off to bed! Rene is here and Bro is sleeping with her! YEAH!!! That means I get to sleep on my pillow BY MYSELF! Now the need to sleep with my little boy comes back tomorrow night. But for right now I'm very happy! Hehe!


amber said...

i love brodey's room! so fun! i've been trying to decide what color scheme i want for my bedroom...i think i'm gonna go check out some of my fav scrapbook papers! :) congrats on the article in bg!!!

Lisa S said...

April ~ That is awesome! Love the canvas wall hangings. Congratulations! You are so talented!

Keysha said...

that is soooo fun!!! congrats girl!

The Shoup Family said...

just wanted to leave a little love from GS 102... my name is Aja. now I didnt see this one in the gallery on GS 102! i think the black background here just makes it pop more with those colors. i love it girl... glad i found your blog through the forum. have a good nite!

The Christenson's said...

That is awesome that his room is in a magazine. So cool.
We do need to get together. Let's set something up!!!

Sooz said...

Brodey's room is adorable. Love those shelves and even better that its in a magazine!
I'm sad that I didn't finish school with all of you that I started school with and that we are not all friends anymore. And I can't believe that Kerry is moving to Arkansas this next week!

The Christenson's said...

AH, I love the memories you wrote in my comments! We ate those potato strings and fell asleep and your dad carried us in the house. Also, who lets their kids on the roof?? That would never happen in today's world!