Wednesday, September 03, 2008

It's Gonna Roll!!!

My sister has always said that if she were in a dangerous situation, that she would want to be with me. "April would be like OkAY! You do this! You do that! Everything will be a-okay!" I am LOL right now thinking about her saying that, but I kind of see the truth in it. When something goes wrong my mind gets totally clear and I just know what to do. Afterwards I'm a wreck, but I'm pretty good when things go wrong.
Take Saturday night for example. LOL Eric and I were out on the boat pulling Mady and Ally on the taco. We could tell some storms were moving in so we pulled them until we could feel the warmth from the cloud to ground lightning. They protested but we went back to the point. As soon as we got back the wind started to pick up so I was trying to secure stuff and telling them what to do. My Dad was gone to help my mom bring dinner out. He is usually the one to do that. As soon as we got everything secure, here it comes.
Me, Brodey, Ally, Mady, Danielle, and Mike are all in the camper. Eric is outside trying to make sure the rain doesn't get his radio wet in the Razor. He had the awning on the camper tied down to the Razor which was parked under the awning. Here comes the wind.
I'm looking down at the boat which is tied down by an anchor and also tied to the tree. It's rocking like crazy. The waverunner is also anchored down by a HEAVY wait and it's headed out to the weeds. I'm thinking man it's getting windy. All of a sudden Eric busts into the trailer and screams "IT'S GONNA ROLL!!!! It's gonna roll!"
I'm thinking okay what do to. What to do. There are how many people packed into here? The trailer is rocking and I'm thinking thank goodness my dad is smart enough to put plywood under the camper stablizers! We would be sinkin' if he wasn't!
The wind is whipping and the trailer is really rocking. Mike's telling Eric "Calm down! You are crazy!"
Eric's like "Well what the hell are you gonna do if it starts to roll?"
Mike says "I'm just gonna stablize myself and hold on for the ride!"
HAHAHAHA!!! I have Brodey in my hands so I'm actually being realistic. I'm thinking okay surely all of us are weighting this thing down!
Eric is still freaking a little. Danielle is chilling on the couch. My sister is crawling up the walls. Mady is trying to take pictures out the window with her IPhone! I'm trying to calculate in my head how much we all weigh in here against what one of the trucks weighs! I'm also eyeing matresses thinking they would be good to wrap up in.
I'm like "Eric chill! There isn't anywhere for us to go! The trailer weighs enough!"
All of this is happening, by the way, in about one minute's time. FINALLY the wind calms down. ERIC calms down. My dad calls to check on us. He says he heard on the scanner that a boat overturned. I'm like well I believe it!
We go outside and there are tree limbs everywhere. Big ones. We go around the camper and not 50 yards away a tree has been pulled out of the ground! WHAT! I'm like oh crap! We found out later that a camper had also overturned and a pop up was flipped over itself! Talk about a little mean wind storm! We were lucky because the storm came from the East and we are totally covered by trees from the East! MAN I feel sorry for the tent campers on the West side of the lake! Talk about SCARY!
I should do a post dedicated solely to my dad. I have THE coolest dad on the planet. It's not just me that thinks so! I promise! My dad turned 51 on August 13. (He was born on Friday the 13, by the way!) He is STILL the most badass skier on the lake! When he was young, my grandparents didn't have a boat. My dad would come out to the lake and sit on the dock with his ski and wait for someone to pull him. When I was little I would come out to the lake most of the summer with him and John Janes. I was their "spotter." I would ride in the boat and watch them ski all day and they would build sand castles with me in between.
My dad brings everything out to the lake so we can all have fun. He brings the tractor out to make the point perfect and to build Brodey a sandbox. He will pull us all day long on the tubes and only want someone to pull him to ski once in the evening. He will drive all the way into town and back just to make sure we have enough gas for the generator to keep us cool all night. He will stay up until 3am playing horseshoes or catfishing. Everyone knows him and everyone knows they can come to our point and have a good time. If it wasn't for him and my mom, we wouldn't have ANY fun! WE ALL LOVE YOU DAD!!!!
Well that's only part one of my weekend. I couldn't post yesterday because the remnants of Gustav were jacking with my internet connection.
I have more photos to post tomorrow and more stories to tell! I have to quit for tonight!
Have a good one!


Sooz said...

Whew glad you guys made it alright! Eric cracks me up! Your dad is and has always been very cool.

Trisha said...

I bet that was so scary, but I had to laugh because I can just picture Eric freaking out! Ha!

~Kim said...

Man that was some adventure! Make me gasping just reading it...I can't imagine living it out for real! SCARY!!!

Y'all know how to have some fun. Sounds like you had the whole crew, so next time all of us scrappin' girls can tag along too, right??? : )

Oh and so glad you were all ok!