Sunday, November 14, 2010

Bat Turkey!

Don't you just love school projects? I do! I do! :)
Brodey brought home a printout of a turkey last week with a note that said we were to decorate the turkey as a family project. Well come on! This is my area of expertise!
The turkey was due Friday so of course I go to Hobby Lobby to get supplies on Thursday. Brodey and I had talked about what we were going to do and we had several ideas. He didn't really have an opinion so I went with the Batman theme.

I got feathers (which make one heck of a mess by the way), felt, pom poms, and foam board. The checkout lady looked at me funny until I told her what I was doing. Haha!
When Brodey got home from school we cut apart the printed turkey to use as a pattern. Yes I freecut the Bat symbol. I looked up a photo of Batman on my phone as a guide. Brodey glued on all the feathers, pom poms, and pieces. He also cut out the printed turkey and colored his face. I just basically cut out the felt pieces and adjusted the them to make sure they looked right!
I also wrote along the bottom and then Brodey copied what I wrote beneath mine. If you tilt your head you can see he did a pretty good job!
I think our turkey turned out great! Batman would be proud! ;)
!"All of the kids at school were very impressed! When I picked Brodey up Mrs Tuck had all of the turkeys hung up on her door. All the kids in the hall were amazed and knew right away it was Batman! They were like "Wow! That is SO cool! It's Bat Turkey!"
Brodey was like "Me and my mom made it!"
"That's really cool! It looks just like Batman!"
Mrs Tuck was like "Oh all the kids love it! They all want to touch it!"
I said "Oh let them! If anything falls off just let me know and I'll bring the glue! Haha!!"
You can view the video below to see the turkey! I just realized I filmed the video BEFORE we wrote on it. Aw well! The video was originally meant to be sent to Eric and my Dad, but I thought it was cute so I posted it here!
Yes I know (If you follow Inky Fingers) I posted this video and NOT the How To for the leaves. Well this video took about 30 seconds to upload and the How To video is pretty long so my Internet is not cooperating. I'm going to try again tomorrow. For some reason I have better Internet luck on Mondays.
My Stampin Up blog {Stamp} Paper Scissors is finally up and running! Wahoo! Check it out! They are running an awesome special soon!
Well I'm off to bed! I hope you had a fantastic weekend!
April :)

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