Monday, November 08, 2010

I'm BACK in the saddle again!!

Haha! A little Aerosmith for ya tonight! ;)
I've been absent from the blogs and I miss them! I've been very busy, but will be back in the groove by tomorrow afternoon! (Brodey would be so proud of that rhyme!)
I had a blast teaching at the Among Friends scrapbook retreat this weekend! It was a short 15 minute drive from my house! They stayed in a cute house on Fort Gibson lake. I taught a fun layout class that I will be sharing on the Inky Fingers blog this week!
So since I was at the retreat all weekend the boys had to fend for themselves. Eric is a really, really good cook but I have to admit that I hadn't gone to the grocery store in over a week. Thank goodness he is also good at cooking something out of nothing!
Friday night he made some fish on the grill. He sent me a pic of it since he was so proud. Jen said it didn't look very good so I won't post it here. ;)
Saturday night he was very proud of the dish he cooked above. He was so proud he even provided a description with the photo.
"The entree is a classic bowtie in a gardenstyle sauce with angus beef." Haha! Silly boy! I forgot I had those noodles in the cabinet and it was really good! I had it the next day for lunch. When he has to he can fend for himself! He just likes it better when I cook.
Well this will be a short post so that I can go try to clean up this

That's what happens when you are at a retreat all weekend and you come back home, dump your stuff, and get to work on deadlines!
I have projects spinning in my mind that I need to get done to post on Inky Fingers, but I also want to play with this

UGH I KNOW! It's filled with all sorts of fun stuff! I can't wait to play mad scientist with it all! We had some fun this weekend with the Melting Pot, didn't we girls!?!
Okay seeing the pic of that box lit a fire! I'm outta here! Time to get some inky fingers! I'm loving that time change right about now!
Hope your Monday is magnificent!
April :)

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