Friday, November 19, 2010

I Missed It...

I'm a terrible Mom. I should be beaten. This morning was Brodey's school Thanksgiving lunch and I missed it. I DID make it in to the cafeteria and got to watch him DUMP his lunch into the trashcan. Does that count?
I had to run errands this morning and I thought I was good on time. Then I pull into the school and notice kids walking out with parents and the parking lot is full....hhhmmm. I'm thinking okay it's 10:35. SURELY they haven't eaten lunch. So I walk/run into the classroom and the lady tells me they are eating. WHAT!?!?! I RUN into the cafeteria and Brodey is dumping his tray. OH MAN!!! I am almost in tears!
"Brodey! I'm sorry I missed your lunch!"
"That's okay Mom because it was REALLY good!"
He could care less. I told Mrs Tuck and she was like "Well I asked him where you were and he said oh she'll be here some time." Haha! "Sorry, Mom, but he didn't really mind! Now I have other kids that would have been devastated, but he was just excited the food was good!" That's my boy! ;)
I snapped a quick pic of him in his super cute turkey hat they made! He was on the playground playing with friends so he didn't have time for anymore pics. ;)
He also made this thankful poster. Mrs Tuck asked them what they were thankful for and that was his answer. SO cute!
He's outside playing with the puppy. We are taking him to Deandra today because she knows someone that wants a puppy! Yeah! He's a good dog, but we already have two! Which are at the groomers right now and I'm headed to pick up!
I hope you have a fantastic weekend!
April :)

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PaperFairyKris said...

Love the pic of Bro in the turkey hat! Precious!!!