Monday, November 01, 2010

Things I've Learned...

Every night when Brodey gets out of the shower we sit on the couch and watch America's Funniest Home Videos. We love it. It's great family time and we all laugh so hard sometimes we cry. We have been doing this for a while now and I have learned a few things from watching the show.
1. If you are a male at a party with a pinata....wear a cup. Trust me.
2. When people get drunk they always have to get on the tables. They are usually old and it ALWAYS ends badly.
3. The fake lottery ticket is the crappiest joke EVER. I could never do that to someone and I will kick your butt if you ever do it to me!
4. People do really stupid things. A LOT.
5. My favorite videos are the wedding ones. If I had had a wedding with guests I would have WANTED something funny to happen.
6. The funniest videos NEVER win. Never.

So those are my keen observations of America's Funniest Home Videos. You should record it and watch it. It's pretty entertaining and my 4 year old gets a kick out of it!
I still haven't even looked at the Halloween pics. I need to do that because Brodey looked pretty funny as Luigi. All the trick or treaters kept saying "Hey it's Luigi!"
"Hey Luigi!"
"Oh hey Mario Brothers!"
It was pretty funny. Brodey would just wave and smile.
Today on the Inky Fingers blog I posted a short how to video! It's a fun ribbon technique!
I took the photo above on crazy hair day. Brodey is getting pretty good writing his letters. The reason I took the pic is that he actually spelled that on his own. He was messing around and said "Hey mom what does this say?"
Usually it's something like bopapa or getti but it was actually a word this time!
"Brodey oh my goodness it says BOO!"
"Oh you mean like boo I scared you!?!?!"
"Yes just like that! You just spelled your first word!" Even if it was on accident he still spelled an actual word! And a seasonal one at that! LOL I can still remember the first word I spelled on accident. It was HAM on my Speak and Read. I'm glad I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of him. The expression is hilarious.
Well I'm headed to bed. Brodey has the Variety Show tomorrow at school. They are doing some 50's thing and he has to dress the part. I'm thinking about drawing sideburns with a black pencil. Haha! It will be fun!
Well good night all! Hope you had a great Monday!
April :)

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