Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Veteran's Day!

Happy Veteran's Day!
Brodey wore his flag shirt today! He was so excited! They have been talking about Veteran's Day at his school and he was excited a veteran was coming to visit today.
"Do you think they will let us shoot their gun?"
With a not so straight face I said "Um no Bro. I don't think they will let you shoot their gun." ;)
I told him that Doc was a veteran and that he was in World War II.
"Wow really mom? Do you think we can send him a picture of me in my American flag shirt?"
So that's where the pic came from. I took it before school this morning. I just love that little boy!
It's such a nice day here! It rained all night, but it won't rain again for a while. It's so nice I had to take off the white undershirt Brodey had on.
Tonight will be a fun night! I'm headed to Tulsa with some of my favorite girly girls! Wahoo!!!
I'm also excited about my Stamper's Night Out coming up! I'm going to start doing a Stamper's Night Out down the road from my house at the Scrappin Pad! I would like to do it at least every month and would love to do it more often if people would like! I hope to meet fellow papercrafters/stampers in my area! If you are interested in coming or know someone who would be interested please pass on the info to them! You can read all about it HERE! It's gonna be fun!
Well I'm headed to the grocery store! I officially have nothing left to cook. We had breakfast for dinner last night! Brodey loved it, but Eric isn't a fan! ;)
I hope you have a terrific Thursday!
April :)

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