Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Look What I Brought Home...

"Hey so there's this poor little puppy at school and they said it's been here since Friday. It's supposed to be cold and rainy tonight. He's really skinny. I'm bringing him home."
"Hey! No! April!"
"Okay so I'll see you later! I love you bye!"
That's how the conversation went between me and Eric on Monday.

When I went to pick Brodey up from school we walked out of the building and there was this little black puppy sitting in the alley.
I said "Aw Bro look at that puppy! He looks hungry."
One of the other pre-k teachers walked by and said "Oh yes he's cute. He's been here since Friday."
"Well I'm taking him home."
We went to get him and he ran away like he was scared. Bro and I followed him behind the school and he hid up in the bushes. We were trying to get him out when another teacher came by. She also said he had been there since Friday. They all assumed he was someones so they left but he was still there Monday morning. Her son helped us get him out of the bushes and off we went!
We decided that since we found him at Woodall school he should be named Woodie. Cute right?
Brodey loved him, but I knew Eric wouldn't go for it. So I took him home anyway and we fed him and gave him one of the cat's beds. (She wasn't happy about that but she needs to learn to share) He ate a ton. The poor thing was so skinny and dehydrated he didn't pee OR poop until the next morning.
He's still on the back porch. Eric has been trying to find a home for him. He is really cute and clean. After he eats he will walk all the way off the back porch and into the yard to do his "business."
I don't think he is going to get very big. His paws are pretty small. He is very loving. At first he acted scared and he would start at loud noises. He has gotten used to us now and he just sits on the back porch and waits for Brodey to come home. Every once in a while he will wander around like he's looking for him.
He goes in the garage at night so the raccoons don't eat him for dinner. He will wine at the door when he needs to go potty outside.
He's a good little puppy! I'm not sure if Eric has found him a home yet.
If you know anyone that wants a puppy let me know! He is black with some white on his neck and at the end of his paws. :)
I posted a new card over on {Stamp} Paper Scissors! It's a digital hybrid card that I used some Stampin Up digital elements on! Fun!
I received my copy of Scrapbooking Everyday Memories special issue by Creating Keepsakes magazine today! I had two layouts published in it and I just have to say this is a great issue! The cover is beautiful and there are tons of tips and sketches in there! I'm on pages 23 and 34!
Well I'm outta here! If you get a chance check out my UTEE Fall Leaves video! It's the technique I taught at the Among Friends scrapbook retreat a few weekends ago!
Have a wonderful Wednesday!
April :)

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