Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day!

Is that what you are supposed to say on Monday? It's a holiday, right? So I guess that will be my phrase for Monday! HAPPY LABOR DAY! I might even sing it to the tune of Happy Birthday! LOL I'm pretty darn excited! I'm headed to the lake!
Today I had to take the dogs to the vet. MAN it's hard taking two dogs and a 2.5 year old! Especially when the main ROAD is all of 6 feet away from the back of the car! I was like WHOA! Talk about dangerous! I was so nervous one of the dogs would get off the leash or Brodey would dart out in the road. They did pretty well. I also have to say that my dogs mind better than my son. Well I was lucky today. Brodey was pretty good. The vet has a ton of cool animals in there to look at. It's kind of like a pet store where nothing is for sale. He was pretty occupied! He did get a little bite from one of the parrots. I TOLD him now to stick his fingers in there. There was a sign on the cage saying "I BITE!" What do you think he does? Sticks his finger right in there!
"That bird bite me!" He says.
"Duh. I told you not to stick your finger in there!" He just laughed. It must not have hurt too bad.
Well I'm about to pack Bro's stuff and wait on Eric to come home! We will probably leave tonight. I WILL get to go by Just 4 Keeps tomorrow! We have to get our vehicles and don't even think I'm not stoppin' by! ;)
I probably won't post until Monday or Tuesday. :( If I just can't stand it or something happens I just have to share...I'll post at Eric's Mom's house. Otherwise tata 'til Monday! Have a HAPPY LABOR DAY!!!!


Sooz said...

Happy Labor Day! Have a great time at the lake.

~Kim said...

Yea! Sounds like a fun filled LABOR DAY weekend....Happy Labor Day to you too!

I know you got a Tahoe, but did Eric get a new car too? Can't wait to see pictures.

You all be super safe!


The Christenson's said...

Okay, so I accidentally deleted our blog. I know, I is the world, right? Well, once it is restored or I start a new one, I will start with that story. Cross your fingers for me that they can restore it!! I am just sick over it!!

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