Saturday, January 13, 2007

Happy 1st Birthday Brodey!!!!

WOW!!! That's all I can say! WOW!!! Time truly, truly flies. It seems like I just had my little man and he turned 1 today!
The snow/sleet/freezing rain started at about 10am this morning. Good thing he's not old enough to get what today is. We were stuck at home. We will be stuck here probably until Monday or Tuesday. That means no party for Brodey yet! All of our family live in Holdenville and that's about 100 miles from here. We will have to party next weekend!

He did get to open a couple of gifts, though! My cousin, Kerry, sent him a cute little toy! He likes to whack stuff with a hammer, so you whacked the buttons and little men pop up! He loves it, of course! We got him a little toy that shoots little balls in the air and they go back down and around. It's so much fun! It's my favorite toy so far! Haha!

The carpet people didn't get to come. That means it will probably be until Tuesday before we get it in. Bummer. But I guess the only good point is we won't track melted ice onto the new carpet! I have to find the good in the bad...

I keep stopping to think about what I was doing exactly one year ago. He came early and we were SO not prepared for his arrival! The house was a disaster. My baby shower had been five days before and we just came home and dumped everything in the middle of the floor in his room.

My back started hurting the morning of the 12th at about 6am. I had been put on bed rest for about 2 weeks before due to high blood pressure. I thought I had just slept wrong until the pain started moving towards my butt. That's when I knew something was up. I woke Eric up and we called the doctor's office and they said it's okay to time them and call them back when they started to get about 3 mintues apart. (We live about 5 miles from the hospital via the turnpike) I said cool and went to take a shower. Eric freaked out! He was like why are you taking a shower!?!?! You need to pack your stuff and we need to go to the hospital! I was like whoa! Let's just do what Dr. Tallerico said and I'll be fine! Well I get out of the shower and I am walking from the bedroom to the bathroom and GUSH! My water breaks! I was so mad! I was like OH MY GOSH I JUST took a shower!!! So I hop back into the shower and rinse off again! Eric is freaking out calling the doctor and they tell me to go straight to the hospital!

We load all up and Eric is driving like a crazy man! I'm like hey calm down! He says "this is the only time I can drive like this and get away with it!" I didn't argue.

We get to the hospital and they check me in and they put me in a temporary room. They tested me and said that yes, it was my water that broke. That's when they moved me to a nice big regular room!

We then called everyone to let them know and of course they all leave to come right away! They hooked me up to all the monitors and after about 2 hours they tell me that Brodey isn't doing to well and they are going to call my doctor. I'm like okay....the nurse comes back in and says okay we are going to schedule you for a c-section for 4:30. I'm like WHAT!?!?!?! I said "oh my gosh you can't do that I didn't read that section in the book!!" She thought that was really funny.

It was at this point that everything started going wrong. They had to insert my catheter before my spinal instead of after. The nurse blew a vein in my wrist and MAN does that hurt when the automatic cuff takes your blood pressure every five minutes! When the guy did my spinal, he couldn't get it to take and they had to try four times. I had to sit there and tell him where the shooting pain went. That hurt. Then when the c-section was underway, they got Brodey out to find out the cord was around his neck. The poor little man only weighed 4.5 lb!

The neonatal people came right away! They checked him out and said he looked better than most 8lb babies! He didn't even have to go to the neonatal nursury!

Then when they were stitching me up the spinal wore off. It was terrible! I was grabbing the poles to hold onto because it hurt so badly. He drugged me and made it better! LOL

We stayed in the hospital for five days. Brodey was so tiny we had to feed him with a little tube taped to our pinkie finger. He was too small to nurse so I had to pump. He also had Yellow Jaundice and had to under the lights for a little while. It was memorable!

It's so sad to think a year has already gone by since then. It's so amazing how you totally forget the terrible things you had to go through to get them here! I guess if we didn't forget no one would have a second child! Haha!

The photo I posted was taken today! It is terrible of me and I don't care! He would not wear the crown I got him! This is the best pic I have of him wearing it!

Well my little man is awake and I have to go get him!



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Audra said...

Hey Im glad you posted a link to your blog!

Happy (late) Birthday to Brodey. Time really does fly. I think the picture of the two of you is adorable. I hope the weather gets better so you can get your carpet!