Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Hair & a New Camera

Summer has never been a good hair season for me. Not that it looks really bad, it's just that I have super thick hair and when I blow dry it the bathroom turns into a sauna. So you can imagine my excitement when I figured out the easiest hairdo for me EVER.
A few weeks ago I was at the lake and I ran to Eric's and took a shower. Eric was rushing me so I just got out of the shower, didn't even comb out my hair, put in some leave-in conditioner, and put it up in a high ponytail that you don't pull all the way through. That was it. I slept in it like that and didn't touch it until the next morning.
After breakfast the next morning I took it down. It wasn't 100% dry so I just left it down to dry. Madyson (Eric's sister) comes in the kitchen and says "oh I love your hair." I was like "haha sure." She said "No really! You didn't do that on purpose?" I walk over and look in the mirror and it's all wavy and actually looked really good! I couldn't believe it turned out like that from just putting it up overnight! The next day I thought I'd try it again just to see if it was a fluke. It wasn't! I did the same thing and got that same results! It's so nice to be able to swim with Bro and not worry about blow drying it. The pic I took today isn't the best, but I don't care! I have the easiest hairdo in the world! LOL
Oh by the way, I got a new camera! It's the one in the pic of my hair. I was SO EXCITED! I have been wanting a little point and shoot for a long time. Now don't get me wrong, I LOVE my 20D, but it just feels a little silly to pull it out at a restaurant with that big flash and say "CHEESE!" Hahaha! This new camera fits right in my purse and it is so much fun!

I have a couple of obsessions right now. The first is pretty harmless. It's water with lemon. We have an awesome ice machine in our house and it makes the best ice! Throw a lemon in there and you have the perfect summertime drink! Don't worry, though! I haven't given up my Diet Coke! ;)
My other obsession is Esty. MAN I love that place! I bought the coolest address stamp HERE, a cool shirt for Brodey HERE, and a chic little camera strap for me HERE! I'm an online shopaholic and the post lady hates me! LOL She has to ring up at our gate and I have to let her in to bring me packages. But hey! I told her she could leave them in the mailbox, but she said no! :)
The raccoon came back yesterday. She, yes SHE, was eating all the kitty food. I was watching her through another window and noticed she has some very large tattas. She's nursing some baby raccoons some where so she can fill up on the kitty food any time she wants!
Well I better go start getting my class kits ready! Tomorrow will be a scrappy filled day at J4K! I'm so excited! I'm headed to Holdenville afterwards so I won't be blogging until Monday!
Have a safe and awesome weekend!


Rebecca said...

I love the hair April!! I wish I had long thick hair! Erin helped me with my new blog today. I am so excited! Yours is so cool. I love all your pics and entries. This is such a fun way to keep in touch! Love ya, Becky

Sooz said...

Love Etsy.

Sooz said...

ooo and I love the summer hair.