Friday, July 18, 2008

Bruises and busted lips...

Bruises, busted lips, and skinned elbows is what I have. Thanks to this:

We call it the taco and no that isn't us. LOL It's a photo of the tube we got from It's SO MUCH FUN but gosh it's dangerous! It's s triple rider so of couse we had to load it down! The problem is that it tears up your knees and elbows! Mom literally went and bought us elbow pads this week at Wal-Mart.
We also coulsn't resist hooking it up to the back of the boat with Big Bertha(the super big two person tube). Eric is saying all along "this is a bad idea...this is a bad idea..." He was on the taco with me and Danielle. Danielle's boyfriend, Jacob, was on Big Bertha. My dad swings us around and takes us over waves so big they are capping over. I swear you could surf on them. We hit the first wave and my butt pops up and as we came down my mouth slams into Danielle's fist. You can imagine the blood going everywhere. I bail off the back thinking that no one knows I'm hurt and Eric comes after me. Blood was going everywhere and all I could think of was "I don't want stitches...I don't want stitches..." Eric gets me onto the boat and we realize I that I don't need stitches and my lip is busted all the heck. So of course I jump off the back of the boat and climb right back on. Poor Danielle's hand was cut from my tooth. She was fine! Haha! It was so much fun!
What I love most about the taco is that Brodey can ride. It's so much fun! When dad goes slow he can stand up and crawl around on it. (With me holding onto him, of couse.) Fun times at the lake!

This is one of my DT Layouts for Just 4 Keeps this month. At the lake on the 4th. That was actually last year. Bro has grown so much. I don't realize it until I compare photos or look at him now. Such a little man now! :(
Well I'm going to go (hopefully) work on some layouts. Eric is going to fish with Brandon and Keith this weekend. Bro and I just might head to the lake again! Haha! ;)
Have a good weekend!


The Christenson's said...

YAY for a post! OMG April, that is awful! It sounds like sooo much fun though! I haven't been to a lake in a few summers, so sad. I miss it.
Your scrapbook page is adorable! Love it!

The Christenson's said...

and yes, the poor puppies are so confused by the boxes. They don't know what to do!